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; Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
; Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
; found in the LICENSE file.
; This file is just a convenient place for experimenting with x86 encodings.
; sldt to detect which processor we are running on.
sldt eax
sidt [esp]
sidt [esp+2]
lea eax, [fs:0]
mov eax, [fs:0x18]
mov ebx, 0x1234567
mov eax, 0x1234567
push eax
pop eax
mov eax, [ecx]
mov eax, [esp+4]
mov ebx, [esp+4]
lock xadd [eax], eax
lock xadd [ecx], ecx
lock xadd [ecx], eax
jmp eax
jmp edx
rep stosb
rep movsb
mov eax, ebx
mov edx, edx
mov eax, eax
add eax, eax
add edi, ecx
and eax, 0x0000ffff
and ecx, 0x0000ffff
and edx, 0x0000ffff
add edi, 0x12345
add eax, 0x12345
add ecx, 0x12345
push 0x12
push BYTE 0x12
mov eax, [ebp+8]
mov eax, 0x1234
mov [fs:0], eax
call 0x1234
call eax
call ecx
add ebx, BYTE 3
or ecx, 0xffff
or eax, 0xffff
mov eax, [esp+24]
jmp blah
jmp blah
cmp eax, 0x1234567
cmp ecx, 0x1234567
je NEAR blah2
jo NEAR blah2
add esp, 12
add esp, BYTE 12
sub esp, BYTE 12
cmp eax, 12
cmp ecx, BYTE 12
cmp WORD [esp+6], 0x6666
push DWORD [edi-4]
push DWORD [edi-8]
push DWORD [edi-12]
push DWORD [edi-16]
push DWORD [edi-20]
loop x
mov edx, [fs:0x4]
cmp ecx, ecx
cmp ecx, ebx
cmp ebx, ebx
mov eax,[dword fs:0x24]
mov eax,[fs:0x24]
mov ecx,[dword fs:0x24]
mov ecx,[fs:0x24]
mov eax, [ebx+12]
mov ebx, [ebx+12]
cmovo eax, eax
mov eax, eax
xchg eax, ebx
xchg ebx, ecx
xchg ebx, [esp+4]