Enable Vulkan on Android builds

Vulkan is currently disabled on Android builds. They were once enabled
but caused a binary size increase. We decided to disable Vulkan support
to give us time to investigate the binary size increase.

I investigated and wrote some patches that would allow us to keep the
binary size low on devices that cannot use Vulkan. However, those
patches are forced to increase complexity beyond the point we want to
support. So we're just going to re-enable Vulkan and accept the binary
size increase.

We'll loop back and double check before shipping a build with Vulkan to
double check the binary size hasn't increased further. Additionally,
we'll re-disable before each branch point until it will be used.

This patch will re-enable Vulkan on Android builds.


Binary-Size: Increase is due to new Vulkan code paths and so cannot be avoided.
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