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Name: binutils
Version: 2.24
License: GPL v2
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
Security Critical: no
This directory contains i386 and amd64 binaries of the binutils tools
(including gold linker).
They were built from binutils-2.24 using the "" script on a Ubuntu
The script creates chroots for 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu Lucid and then builds
binutils inside the roots.
Local patches:
* ehframe-race.patch for from upstream change;a=commit;h=635aa30e3ae9735e362cfd1cda2be9f7b65b32a2
* unlock-thin.patch for from upstream change;a=commit;h=2cfbf2fece582c29df348104b28677c38a8301f4
* plugin-dso-fix.patch for from upstream change;a=commit;h=3c537f7fdb11f02f7082749f3f21dfdd2c2025e8
* (|| scripts for building the binutils
binaries and uploading them to Google storage.