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Name: Google Cache Invalidation API
Short Name: google-cache-invalidation-api
Version: r341
License: Apache 2.0
License File: src/google/cacheinvalidation/COPYING
Security Critical: no
This is the API to talk to the Google Cache Invalidation service.
Local Modifications:
Note: If you are rolling forward the Cache Invalidation API version, and want to
check if any changes need to be made to cacheinvalidation.gyp, do the following:
cd src/third_party/cacheinvalidation/src
git remote update
git diff --diff-filter=ACDR --name-only origin/master | grep -v ^java/
This should give you a list of relevant files that were added, copied, renamed
or deleted upstream. You will likely need to make appropriate changes to
cacheinvalidation.gyp to keep the build green.