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Name: Google Input Tools
Short Name: google_input_tools
Revision: @3730e096a782f1c74a3db0831aff63fb74540b97
License: Apache 2.0
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
This directory contains source for the google-input-tools project, which
provides multi-lingual input support. In particular, google-input-tools is
used in ChromeOS to provide a fallback virtual keyboard for IMEs that are not
To update to a newer version of google-input-tools, run the following script: --input=_path_to_google_input_tools_ --lib=_path_to_closure_lib_
Local Modifications:
Only includes the portion of google-input-tools required to build an inputview-
based virtual keyboard. Python script for building inputview.js.
closure.gni: GN template for calling the closure builder.
inputview.gni: Convert build dependencies from gyp to gn format.
inputview.gyp: Build file for generating inputview.js.
inputview.gypi: Autogenerated by update script to define sources for inputview. Python script for updating revision of google-input-tools.
Modified extendedlayout.js to fix size calculations for scrolling of the
emoji layout.