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Name: ocmock
Version: unknown
Revision: 8b8793cf29a5bac0541421ea06c7dff071afb25e
License: BSD with advertising clause
License File: License.txt
Security Critical: no
OCMock is an Objective-C implementation of mock objects. If you are unfamiliar
with the concept of mock objects please visit which has more
details and discussions about this approach to testing software.
Local Modifications:
This is only a partial inclusion of the OCMock tree. This only includes
/Source/OCMock because the tests and other files are not necessary for Chromium.
The License.txt and Changes.txt file are also present from /Source.
Chromium can no longer sync to the tip-of-tree because upstream OCMock requires
10.7 as of b5773084d56d2573caf6a2d98d5b56e301673de1.
Chromium adds gtest_support.h/.mm and ocmock_extensions.h/.mm.
Chromium alters all NSLogging of -[NSArray count] to compile under both 32 and
64 bits.
Chromium also patches in e8a9cc97936bfa8be97706c5092110603745e708 for fixing
unit tests broken with Xcode 5 due to the lack of copyWithZone: selector.
Chromium also patches in 77400c22b5bafd8aaaa75f90a1d997838204577a that fixes
the comparison of types between invocation return type description (which
changed from "c" to "B" on arm64) and NSValue objCType (which didn't change)
on arm64 for BOOL values.
Chromium also patches in 65ee89744bc1fbb9461f26d83e08243068cb212b that fixes
the comparison between opaque (forward-declared) and non-opaque types.