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talloc is a hierarchical pool based memory allocator with
destructors. It is the core memory allocator used in Samba, and has
made a huge difference in many aspects of Samba4 development.<p>
To get started with talloc, I would recommend you read the <a
href="">talloc guide</a>.
You can download the latest releases of talloc from the <a
href="">talloc directory</a> on the samba public
source archive.
<h2>Discussion and bug reports</h2>
talloc does not currently have its own mailing list or bug tracking
system. For now, please use the <a
mailing list, and the <a href="">Samba
bugzilla</a> bug tracking system.
You can download the latest code either via git or rsync.<br>
To fetch via git see the following guide:<br>
<a href="">Using Git for Samba Development</a><br>
Once you have cloned the tree switch to the master branch and cd into the lib/talloc directory.<br>
To fetch via rsync use this command:
rsync -Pavz .
<a href="">Andrew Tridgell</a><br>
talloc AT