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# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import json
import logging
import sys
from lib.ordered_dict import OrderedDict
from lib.subcommand import SubCommand
from lib.sorter import MallocUnit, MMapUnit, SorterSet, UnhookedUnit, UnitSet
LOGGER = logging.getLogger('dmprof')
class CatCommand(SubCommand):
def __init__(self):
super(CatCommand, self).__init__('Usage: %prog cat <first-dump>')
self._parser.add_option('--alternative-dirs', dest='alternative_dirs',
help='Read files in /path/on/host/ instead of '
'files in /path/on/target/.')
self._parser.add_option('--indent', dest='indent', action='store_true',
help='Indent the output.')
def do(self, sys_argv):
options, args = self._parse_args(sys_argv, 1)
dump_path = args[1]
# TODO(dmikurube): Support shared memory.
alternative_dirs_dict = {}
if options.alternative_dirs:
for alternative_dir_pair in options.alternative_dirs.split(':'):
target_path, host_path = alternative_dir_pair.split('@', 1)
alternative_dirs_dict[target_path] = host_path
(bucket_set, dumps) = SubCommand.load_basic_files(
dump_path, True, alternative_dirs=alternative_dirs_dict)
# Load all sorters.
sorters = SorterSet()
json_root = OrderedDict()
json_root['version'] = 1
json_root['run_id'] = None
json_root['roots'] = []
for sorter in sorters:
if sorter.root:
json_root['default_template'] = 'l2'
json_root['templates'] = sorters.templates.as_dict()
orders = OrderedDict()
orders['worlds'] = OrderedDict()
for world in ['vm', 'malloc']:
orders['worlds'][world] = OrderedDict()
orders['worlds'][world]['breakdown'] = OrderedDict()
for sorter in sorters.iter_world(world):
order = []
for rule in sorter.iter_rule():
if not in order:
orders['worlds'][world]['breakdown'][] = order
json_root['orders'] = orders
json_root['snapshots'] = []
for dump in dumps:
if json_root['run_id'] and json_root['run_id'] != dump.run_id:
LOGGER.error('Inconsistent heap profile dumps.')
json_root['run_id'] = ''
json_root['run_id'] = dump.run_id'Sorting a dump %s...' % dump.path)
self._fill_snapshot(dump, bucket_set, sorters))
if options.indent:
json.dump(json_root, sys.stdout, indent=2)
json.dump(json_root, sys.stdout)
print ''
def _fill_snapshot(dump, bucket_set, sorters):
root = OrderedDict()
root['time'] = dump.time
root['worlds'] = OrderedDict()
root['worlds']['vm'] = CatCommand._fill_world(
dump, bucket_set, sorters, 'vm')
root['worlds']['malloc'] = CatCommand._fill_world(
dump, bucket_set, sorters, 'malloc')
return root
def _fill_world(dump, bucket_set, sorters, world):
root = OrderedDict()
root['name'] = world
if world == 'vm':
root['unit_fields'] = ['size', 'reserved']
elif world == 'malloc':
root['unit_fields'] = ['size', 'alloc_count', 'free_count']
# Make { vm | malloc } units with their sizes.
root['units'] = OrderedDict()
unit_set = UnitSet(world)
if world == 'vm':
for unit in CatCommand._iterate_vm_unit(dump, None, bucket_set):
for unit in unit_set:
root['units'][unit.unit_id] = [unit.committed, unit.reserved]
elif world == 'malloc':
for unit in CatCommand._iterate_malloc_unit(dump, bucket_set):
for unit in unit_set:
root['units'][unit.unit_id] = [
unit.size, unit.alloc_count, unit.free_count]
# Iterate for { vm | malloc } sorters.
root['breakdown'] = OrderedDict()
for sorter in sorters.iter_world(world):' Sorting with %s:%s.' % (,
breakdown = OrderedDict()
for rule in sorter.iter_rule():
category = OrderedDict()
category['name'] =
subs = []
for sub_world, sub_breakdown in rule.iter_subs():
subs.append([sub_world, sub_breakdown])
if subs:
category['subs'] = subs
if rule.hidden:
category['hidden'] = True
category['units'] = []
breakdown[] = category
for unit in unit_set:
found = sorter.find(unit)
if found:
# Note that a bucket which doesn't match any rule is just dropped.
root['breakdown'][] = breakdown
return root
def _iterate_vm_unit(dump, pfn_dict, bucket_set):
unit_id = 0
for _, region in dump.iter_map:
unit_id += 1
if region[0] == 'unhooked':
if pfn_dict and dump.pageframe_length:
for pageframe in region[1]['pageframe']:
yield UnhookedUnit(unit_id, pageframe.size, pageframe.size,
region, pageframe, pfn_dict)
yield UnhookedUnit(unit_id,
elif region[0] == 'hooked':
if pfn_dict and dump.pageframe_length:
for pageframe in region[1]['pageframe']:
yield MMapUnit(unit_id,
region, bucket_set, pageframe, pfn_dict)
yield MMapUnit(unit_id,
LOGGER.error('Unrecognized mapping status: %s' % region[0])
def _iterate_malloc_unit(dump, bucket_set):
for bucket_id, _, committed, allocs, frees in dump.iter_stacktrace:
bucket = bucket_set.get(bucket_id)
if bucket and bucket.allocator_type == 'malloc':
yield MallocUnit(bucket_id, committed, allocs, frees, bucket)
elif not bucket:
# 'Not-found' buckets are all assumed as malloc buckets.
yield MallocUnit(bucket_id, committed, allocs, frees, None)