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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import json
import os
import re
import time
from profile_chrome import controllers
from pylib.device import device_errors
from pylib.device import intent
class ChromeTracingController(controllers.BaseController):
def __init__(self, device, package_info,
categories, ring_buffer, trace_memory=False):
self._device = device
self._package_info = package_info
self._categories = categories
self._ring_buffer = ring_buffer
self._logcat_monitor = self._device.GetLogcatMonitor()
self._trace_file = None
self._trace_interval = None
self._trace_memory = trace_memory
self._is_tracing = False
self._trace_start_re = \
re.compile(r'Logging performance trace to file')
self._trace_finish_re = \
re.compile(r'Profiler finished[.] Results are in (.*)[.]')
def __repr__(self):
return 'chrome trace'
def GetCategories(device, package_info):
with device.GetLogcatMonitor() as logmon:
action='%s.GPU_PROFILER_LIST_CATEGORIES' % package_info.package))
json_category_list = logmon.WaitFor(
re.compile(r'{"traceCategoriesList(.*)'), timeout=5).group(0)
except device_errors.CommandTimeoutError:
raise RuntimeError('Performance trace category list marker not found. '
'Is the correct version of the browser running?')
record_categories = set()
disabled_by_default_categories = set()
json_data = json.loads(json_category_list)['traceCategoriesList']
for item in json_data:
for category in item.split(','):
if category.startswith('disabled-by-default'):
return list(record_categories), list(disabled_by_default_categories)
def StartTracing(self, interval):
self._trace_interval = interval
start_extras = {'categories': ','.join(self._categories)}
if self._ring_buffer:
start_extras['continuous'] = None
action='%s.GPU_PROFILER_START' % self._package_info.package,
if self._trace_memory:
self._device.SetProp(_HEAP_PROFILE_MMAP_PROPERTY, 1)
# Chrome logs two different messages related to tracing:
# 1. "Logging performance trace to file"
# 2. "Profiler finished. Results are in [...]"
# The first one is printed when tracing starts and the second one indicates
# that the trace file is ready to be pulled.
self._logcat_monitor.WaitFor(self._trace_start_re, timeout=5)
self._is_tracing = True
except device_errors.CommandTimeoutError:
raise RuntimeError('Trace start marker not found. Is the correct version '
'of the browser running?')
def StopTracing(self):
if self._is_tracing:
action='%s.GPU_PROFILER_STOP' % self._package_info.package))
self._trace_file = self._logcat_monitor.WaitFor(
self._trace_finish_re, timeout=120).group(1)
self._is_tracing = False
if self._trace_memory:
self._device.SetProp(_HEAP_PROFILE_MMAP_PROPERTY, 0)
def PullTrace(self):
# Wait a bit for the browser to finish writing the trace file.
time.sleep(self._trace_interval / 4 + 1)
trace_file = self._trace_file.replace('/storage/emulated/0/', '/sdcard/')
host_file = os.path.join(os.path.curdir, os.path.basename(trace_file))
self._device.PullFile(trace_file, host_file)
return host_file