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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/containers/flat_set.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/unguessable_token.h"
#include "components/performance_manager/graph/node_base.h"
#include "components/performance_manager/public/graph/frame_node.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/pending_receiver.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/receiver.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace performance_manager {
class FrameNodeImpl;
class PageNodeImpl;
class ProcessNodeImpl;
class WorkerNodeImpl;
// Frame nodes form a tree structure, each FrameNode at most has one parent that
// is a FrameNode. Conceptually, a frame corresponds to a
// content::RenderFrameHost in the browser, and a content::RenderFrameImpl /
// blink::LocalFrame in a renderer.
// Note that a frame in a frame tree can be replaced with another, with the
// continuity of that position represented via the |frame_tree_node_id|. It is
// possible to have multiple "sibling" nodes that share the same
// |frame_tree_node_id|. Only one of these may contribute to the content being
// rendered, and this node is designated the "current" node in content
// terminology. A swap is effectively atomic but will take place in two steps
// in the graph: the outgoing frame will first be marked as not current, and the
// incoming frame will be marked as current. As such, the graph invariant is
// that there will be 0 or 1 |is_current| frames with a given
// |frame_tree_node_id|.
// This occurs when a frame is navigated and the existing frame can't be reused.
// In that case a "provisional" frame is created to start the navigation. Once
// the navigation completes (which may actually involve a redirect to another
// origin meaning the frame has to be destroyed and another one created in
// another process!) and commits, the frame will be swapped with the previously
// active frame.
class FrameNodeImpl
: public PublicNodeImpl<FrameNodeImpl, FrameNode>,
public TypedNodeBase<FrameNodeImpl, FrameNode, FrameNodeObserver>,
public mojom::DocumentCoordinationUnit {
static const char kDefaultPriorityReason[];
static constexpr NodeTypeEnum Type() { return NodeTypeEnum::kFrame; }
// Construct a frame node associated with a |process_node|, a |page_node| and
// optionally with a |parent_frame_node|. For the main frame of |page_node|
// the |parent_frame_node| parameter should be nullptr. |render_frame_id| is
// the routing id of the frame (from RenderFrameHost::GetRoutingID).
FrameNodeImpl(GraphImpl* graph,
ProcessNodeImpl* process_node,
PageNodeImpl* page_node,
FrameNodeImpl* parent_frame_node,
int frame_tree_node_id,
int render_frame_id,
const base::UnguessableToken& dev_tools_token,
int32_t browsing_instance_id,
int32_t site_instance_id);
~FrameNodeImpl() override;
void Bind(mojo::PendingReceiver<mojom::DocumentCoordinationUnit> receiver);
// mojom::DocumentCoordinationUnit implementation.
void SetNetworkAlmostIdle() override;
void SetLifecycleState(LifecycleState state) override;
void SetHasNonEmptyBeforeUnload(bool has_nonempty_beforeunload) override;
void SetOriginTrialFreezePolicy(mojom::InterventionPolicy policy) override;
void SetIsAdFrame() override;
void OnNonPersistentNotificationCreated() override;
void SetHadFormInteraction() override;
// Partial FrameNode implementation:
bool IsMainFrame() const override;
// Getters for const properties. These can be called from any thread.
FrameNodeImpl* parent_frame_node() const;
PageNodeImpl* page_node() const;
ProcessNodeImpl* process_node() const;
int frame_tree_node_id() const;
int render_frame_id() const;
const base::UnguessableToken& dev_tools_token() const;
int32_t browsing_instance_id() const;
int32_t site_instance_id() const;
// Getters for non-const properties. These are not thread safe.
const base::flat_set<FrameNodeImpl*>& child_frame_nodes() const;
LifecycleState lifecycle_state() const;
InterventionPolicy origin_trial_freeze_policy() const;
bool has_nonempty_beforeunload() const;
const GURL& url() const;
bool is_current() const;
bool network_almost_idle() const;
bool is_ad_frame() const;
bool is_holding_weblock() const;
bool is_holding_indexeddb_lock() const;
const base::flat_set<WorkerNodeImpl*>& child_worker_nodes() const;
const PriorityAndReason& priority_and_reason() const;
bool had_form_interaction() const;
// Setters are not thread safe.
void SetIsCurrent(bool is_current);
void SetIsHoldingWebLock(bool is_holding_weblock);
void SetIsHoldingIndexedDBLock(bool is_holding_indexeddb_lock);
// Invoked when a navigation is committed in the frame.
void OnNavigationCommitted(const GURL& url, bool same_document);
// Invoked by |worker_node| when it starts/stops being a child of this frame.
void AddChildWorker(WorkerNodeImpl* worker_node);
void RemoveChildWorker(WorkerNodeImpl* worker_node);
// Invoked to set the frame priority, and the reason behind it.
void SetPriorityAndReason(const PriorityAndReason& priority_and_reason);
friend class FramePriorityAccess;
friend class PageNodeImpl;
friend class ProcessNodeImpl;
// Rest of FrameNode implementation. These are private so that users of the
// impl use the private getters rather than the public interface.
const FrameNode* GetParentFrameNode() const override;
const PageNode* GetPageNode() const override;
const ProcessNode* GetProcessNode() const override;
int GetFrameTreeNodeId() const override;
const base::UnguessableToken& GetDevToolsToken() const override;
int32_t GetBrowsingInstanceId() const override;
int32_t GetSiteInstanceId() const override;
const base::flat_set<const FrameNode*> GetChildFrameNodes() const override;
LifecycleState GetLifecycleState() const override;
InterventionPolicy GetOriginTrialFreezePolicy() const override;
bool HasNonemptyBeforeUnload() const override;
const GURL& GetURL() const override;
bool IsCurrent() const override;
bool GetNetworkAlmostIdle() const override;
bool IsAdFrame() const override;
bool IsHoldingWebLock() const override;
bool IsHoldingIndexedDBLock() const override;
const base::flat_set<const WorkerNode*> GetChildWorkerNodes() const override;
const PriorityAndReason& GetPriorityAndReason() const override;
bool HadFormInteraction() const override;
// Properties associated with a Document, which are reset when a
// different-document navigation is committed in the frame.
struct DocumentProperties {
void Reset(FrameNodeImpl* frame_node, const GURL& url_in);
const GURL&,
bool has_nonempty_beforeunload = false;
// Network is considered almost idle when there are no more than 2 network
// connections.
// Opt-in or opt-out of freezing via origin trial.
const mojom::InterventionPolicy&,
// Indicates if a form in the frame has been interacted with.
// Invoked by subframes on joining/leaving the graph.
void AddChildFrame(FrameNodeImpl* frame_node);
void RemoveChildFrame(FrameNodeImpl* frame_node);
void JoinGraph() override;
void LeaveGraph() override;
bool HasFrameNodeInAncestors(FrameNodeImpl* frame_node) const;
bool HasFrameNodeInDescendants(FrameNodeImpl* frame_node) const;
mojo::Receiver<mojom::DocumentCoordinationUnit> receiver_{this};
FrameNodeImpl* const parent_frame_node_;
PageNodeImpl* const page_node_;
ProcessNodeImpl* const process_node_;
// Can be used to tie together "sibling" frames, where a navigation is ongoing
// in a new frame that will soon replace the existing one.
const int frame_tree_node_id_;
// The routing id of the frame.
const int render_frame_id_;
// A unique identifier shared with all representations of this node across
// content and blink. The token is only defined by the browser process and
// is never sent back from the renderer in control calls. It should never be
// used to look up the FrameTreeNode instance.
const base::UnguessableToken dev_tools_token_;
// The unique ID of the BrowsingInstance this frame belongs to. Frames in the
// same BrowsingInstance are allowed to script each other at least
// asynchronously (if cross-site), and sometimes synchronously (if same-site,
// and thus same SiteInstance).
const int32_t browsing_instance_id_;
// The unique ID of the SiteInstance this frame belongs to. Frames in the
// same SiteInstance may sychronously script each other. Frames with the
// same |site_instance_id_| will also have the same |browsing_instance_id_|.
const int32_t site_instance_id_;
base::flat_set<FrameNodeImpl*> child_frame_nodes_;
// Does *not* change when a navigation is committed.
// This is a one way switch. Once marked an ad-frame, always an ad-frame.
NotifiesOnlyOnChanges<bool, &FrameNodeObserver::OnIsAdFrameChanged>
// Locks held by a frame are tracked independently from navigation
// (specifically, a few tasks must run in the Web Lock and IndexedDB
// subsystems after a navigation for locks to be released).
NotifiesOnlyOnChanges<bool, &FrameNodeObserver::OnIsCurrentChanged>
// Properties associated with a Document, which are reset when a
// different-document navigation is committed in the frame.
// TODO(fdoray): Cleanup this once there is a 1:1 mapping between
// RenderFrameHost and Document
DocumentProperties document_;
// The child workers of this frame.
base::flat_set<WorkerNodeImpl*> child_worker_nodes_;
// Frame priority information. Set via FramePriorityDecorator.
const PriorityAndReason&,
// Inline storage for FramePriorityDecorator data.
frame_priority::AcceptedVote accepted_vote_;
} // namespace performance_manager