viz: Plumb LocalSurfaceIdAllocation to more places [part 5]

viz::LocalSurfaceIdAllocation bundles a viz::LocalSurfaceId and an
allocation time for that viz::LocalSurfaceId. The purpose of this allocation
time is to determine how long it takes for a surface to get embedded once
an ID has been allocated for it.

There was some concern raised about drift between LocalSurfaceIds and allocation
times and so a previous CL bundled the two together in a class. This CL plumbs
LocalSurfaceIdAllocation to more places to ensure the two quantities remain
in sync with one another.

This CL plumbs removes various accessors on ChildLocalSurfaceIdAllocator and
ParentLocalSurfaceIdAllocator that return an allocation time or LocalSurfaceId
independent of the other. This is to encourage future plumbing of
LocalSurfaceIdAllocation instead.

Bug: 655231
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