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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <ostream>
#include <set>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "components/chrome_cleaner/public/proto/chrome_prompt.pb.h"
namespace extensions {
class ExtensionRegistry;
class ExtensionService;
} // namespace extensions
namespace safe_browsing {
class ChromeCleanerScannerResults;
// Actions triggered from the ChromePrompt IPC interface.
// A ChromePromptActions object should be owned by the ChromePromptChannel that
// implements the IPC channel. It can be called to trigger an action for each
// message received.
class ChromePromptActions {
// A callback to be called after showing the prompt, with the user's choice.
using PromptUserReplyCallback = base::OnceCallback<void(
// A callback to show the prompt. The ChromeCleanerScannerResults contains
// the items that were detected by the scanner, for display in the prompt.
// The PromptUserCallback must call the PromptUserReplyCallback with the
// user's choice.
using PromptUserCallback =
// Initializes the actions to use |extension_service| to disable extensions
// when the DisableExtensions method is called, and the |on_prompt_user|
// callback to display the prompt when the PromptUser method is called.
// |extension_registry| is used to query if an extension is installed.
ChromePromptActions(extensions::ExtensionService* extension_service,
extensions::ExtensionRegistry* extension_registry,
PromptUserCallback on_prompt_user);
// Calls the PromptUserCallback to show the prompt. |reply_callback| will be
// called with the user's choice.
void PromptUser(
const std::vector<base::FilePath>& files_to_delete,
const base::Optional<std::vector<base::string16>>& registry_keys,
const base::Optional<std::vector<base::string16>>& extension_ids,
PromptUserReplyCallback reply_callback);
// Deletes the given |extension_ids|. Returns false on an error, including if
// not all |extension_ids| were displayed to the user in the last PromptUser
// call.
bool DisableExtensions(const std::vector<base::string16>& extension_ids);
ChromePromptActions(const ChromePromptActions& other) = delete;
ChromePromptActions& operator=(const ChromePromptActions& other) = delete;
// Extension service used to implement DisableExtensions. This can be null if
// no ExtensionService is available, otherwise it is a long-running service
// that will outlive ChromePromptActions.
extensions::ExtensionService* extension_service_;
// The ExtensionRegistry instance for the current profile. This is a long-
// lived object that will outlive ChromePromptActions.
extensions::ExtensionRegistry* extension_registry_;
// Callback that will be invoked when PromptUser is called to display the
// prompt.
PromptUserCallback on_prompt_user_;
std::vector<base::string16> extension_ids_;
} // namespace safe_browsing