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// Copyright 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "chrome/common/search.mojom.h"
#include "chrome/common/search/instant_types.h"
#include "chrome/common/search/ntp_logging_events.h"
#include "chrome/renderer/instant_restricted_id_cache.h"
#include "components/ntp_tiles/ntp_tile_impression.h"
#include "components/omnibox/common/omnibox_focus_state.h"
#include "content/public/renderer/render_frame_observer.h"
#include "content/public/renderer/render_frame_observer_tracker.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/associated_receiver.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/associated_remote.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
// The renderer-side implementation of the embeddedSearch API (see
class SearchBox : public content::RenderFrameObserver,
public content::RenderFrameObserverTracker<SearchBox>,
public chrome::mojom::EmbeddedSearchClient {
// Helper class for GenerateImageURLFromTransientURL() to adapt SearchBox's
// instance, thereby allow mocking for unit tests.
class IconURLHelper {
virtual ~IconURLHelper();
// Retruns view id for validating icon URL.
virtual int GetViewID() const = 0;
// Returns the page URL string for |rid|, or empty string for invalid |rid|.
virtual std::string GetURLStringFromRestrictedID(InstantRestrictedID rid)
const = 0;
explicit SearchBox(content::RenderFrame* render_frame);
~SearchBox() override;
// Sends LogEvent to the browser.
void LogEvent(NTPLoggingEventType event);
// Sends LogSuggestionEventWithValue to the browser.
void LogSuggestionEventWithValue(NTPSuggestionsLoggingEventType event,
int data);
// Sends LogMostVisitedImpression to the browser.
void LogMostVisitedImpression(const ntp_tiles::NTPTileImpression& impression);
// Sends LogMostVisitedNavigation to the browser.
void LogMostVisitedNavigation(const ntp_tiles::NTPTileImpression& impression);
// Sends DeleteMostVisitedItem to the browser.
void DeleteMostVisitedItem(InstantRestrictedID most_visited_item_id);
// Generates the image URL of the most visited item favicon specified by
// |transient_url|. If |transient_url| is valid, |url| is set with a
// translated URL. Otherwise, |url| is set the the default favicon
// ("chrome-search://favicon/").
// Valid forms of |transient_url|:
// chrome-search://favicon/<view_id>/<restricted_id>
// chrome-search://favicon/<favicon_parameters>/<view_id>/<restricted_id>
// We do this to prevent search providers from abusing image URLs and deduce
// whether the user has visited a particular page. For example, if
// "chrome-search://favicon/" is accessible, then
// the search provider can use its return code to determine whether the user
// has visited "". Therefore we require search
// providers to specify URL by "<view_id>/<restricted_id>". We then translate
// this to the original |url|, and pass the request to the proper endpoint.
void GenerateImageURLFromTransientURL(const GURL& transient_url,
GURL* url) const;
// Returns the latest most visited items sent by the browser.
void GetMostVisitedItems(
std::vector<InstantMostVisitedItemIDPair>* items) const;
bool AreMostVisitedItemsAvailable() const;
// If the |most_visited_item_id| is found in the cache, sets |item| to it
// and returns true.
bool GetMostVisitedItemWithID(InstantRestrictedID most_visited_item_id,
InstantMostVisitedItem* item) const;
// Sends PasteAndOpenDropdown to the browser.
void Paste(const base::string16& text);
// Will return null if the theme info hasn't been set yet.
const NtpTheme* GetNtpTheme() const;
// Sends FocusOmnibox(OMNIBOX_FOCUS_INVISIBLE) to the browser.
void StartCapturingKeyStrokes();
// Sends FocusOmnibox(OMNIBOX_FOCUS_NONE) to the browser.
void StopCapturingKeyStrokes();
// Sends UndoAllMostVisitedDeletions to the browser.
void UndoAllMostVisitedDeletions();
// Sends UndoMostVisitedDeletion to the browser.
void UndoMostVisitedDeletion(InstantRestrictedID most_visited_item_id);
// Returns true if the most visited items are custom links.
bool IsCustomLinks() const;
// Returns true if most visited is enabled instead of custom links.
bool IsUsingMostVisited() const;
// Returns true if the shortcuts are visible and not hidden by the user.
bool AreShortcutsVisible() const;
// Sends AddCustomLink to the browser.
void AddCustomLink(const GURL& url, const std::string& title);
// Sends UpdateCustomLink to the browser.
void UpdateCustomLink(InstantRestrictedID link_id,
const GURL& new_url,
const std::string& new_title);
// Sends ReorderCustomLink to the browser.
void ReorderCustomLink(InstantRestrictedID link_id, int new_pos);
// Sends DeleteCustomLink to the browser.
void DeleteCustomLink(InstantRestrictedID most_visited_item_id);
// Sends UndoCustomLinkAction to the browser.
void UndoCustomLinkAction();
// Sends ResetCustomLinks to the browser.
void ResetCustomLinks();
// Sends ToggleMostVisitedOrCustomLinks to the browser.
void ToggleMostVisitedOrCustomLinks();
// Sends ToggleShortcutsVisibility to the browser.
void ToggleShortcutsVisibility(bool do_notify);
// Attempts to fix obviously invalid URLs. Uses the "https" scheme unless
// otherwise specified. Returns the fixed URL if valid, otherwise returns an
// empty string.
std::string FixupAndValidateUrl(const std::string& url) const;
// Updates the NTP custom background preferences, sometimes this includes
// image attributions.
void SetCustomBackgroundInfo(const GURL& background_url,
const std::string& attribution_line_1,
const std::string& attribution_line_2,
const GURL& action_url,
const std::string& collection_id);
// Let the user select a local file for the NTP background.
void SelectLocalBackgroundImage();
// Add a search suggestion task id to the blocklist.
void BlocklistSearchSuggestion(int task_version, long task_id);
// Add a search suggestion task id and hash to the blocklist.
void BlocklistSearchSuggestionWithHash(int task_version,
long task_id,
const std::vector<uint8_t>& hash);
// A suggestion collected, issue a new request with the suggestion
// temporarily added to the blocklist.
void SearchSuggestionSelected(int task_version,
long task_id,
const std::vector<uint8_t>& hash);
// Opts the user out of receiving search suggestions.
void OptOutOfSearchSuggestions();
// Applies the default theme.
void ApplyDefaultTheme();
// Applies autogenerated theme for the given color.
void ApplyAutogeneratedTheme(SkColor color);
// Reverts applied theme changes.
void RevertThemeChanges();
// Confirms applied theme changes.
void ConfirmThemeChanges();
// Queries the autocomplete backend for realbox results for |input| as a
// search term. |prevent_inline_autocomplete| is true if the result set should
// not require inline autocomplete for the default match. Handled by
// |QueryAutocompleteResult|.
void QueryAutocomplete(const base::string16& input,
bool prevent_inline_autocomplete);
// Deletes |AutocompleteMatch| by index of the result.
void DeleteAutocompleteMatch(uint8_t line);
// Cancels the current autocomplete query. Clears the result set if
// |clear_result| is true.
void StopAutocomplete(bool clear_result);
// Logs the time it took in milliseconds since the first character (in a
// series of characters) was typed until Autocomplete results were painted.
void LogCharTypedToRepaintLatency(uint32_t latency_ms);
// Called when a user dismisses a promo.
void BlocklistPromo(const std::string& promo_id);
// Handles navigation to the chrome://extensions page by calling the browser
// to do the navigation.
void OpenExtensionsPage(double button,
bool alt_key,
bool ctrl_key,
bool meta_key,
bool shift_key);
// Handles navigation to privileged (i.e. chrome://) URLs by calling the
// browser to do the navigation.
void OpenAutocompleteMatch(uint8_t line,
const GURL& url,
bool are_matches_showing,
double time_elapsed_since_last_focus,
double button,
bool alt_key,
bool ctrl_key,
bool meta_key,
bool shift_key);
bool is_focused() const { return is_focused_; }
bool is_input_in_progress() const { return is_input_in_progress_; }
bool is_key_capture_enabled() const { return is_key_capture_enabled_; }
// Overridden from content::RenderFrameObserver:
void DidCommitProvisionalLoad(bool is_same_document_navigation,
ui::PageTransition transition) override;
void OnDestruct() override;
// Overridden from chrome::mojom::EmbeddedSearchClient:
void AutocompleteResultChanged(
chrome::mojom::AutocompleteResultPtr result) override;
void AutocompleteMatchImageAvailable(uint32_t match_index,
const std::string& image_url,
const std::string& data_url) override;
void SetPageSequenceNumber(int page_seq_no) override;
void FocusChanged(OmniboxFocusState new_focus_state,
OmniboxFocusChangeReason reason) override;
void MostVisitedInfoChanged(
const InstantMostVisitedInfo& most_visited_info) override;
void SetInputInProgress(bool input_in_progress) override;
void ThemeChanged(const NtpTheme& theme) override;
void LocalBackgroundSelected() override;
void AddCustomLinkResult(bool success);
void UpdateCustomLinkResult(bool success);
void DeleteCustomLinkResult(bool success);
// Returns the URL of the Most Visited item specified by the |item_id|.
GURL GetURLForMostVisitedItem(InstantRestrictedID item_id) const;
// The connection to the EmbeddedSearch service in the browser process.
mojo::AssociatedReceiver<chrome::mojom::EmbeddedSearchClient> receiver_{this};
// Whether it's legal to execute JavaScript in |render_frame()|.
// This class may want to execute JS in response to IPCs (via the
// SearchBoxExtension::Dispatch* methods). However, for cross-process
// navigations, a "provisional frame" is created at first, and it's illegal
// to execute any JS in it before it is actually swapped in, i.e. before the
// navigation has committed. So this only gets set to true in
// RenderFrameObserver::DidCommitProvisionalLoad. See
// Note: If ever gets resolved, then it might be possible to
// move the mojo connection code from the ctor to DidCommitProvisionalLoad and
// avoid this bool.
bool can_run_js_in_renderframe_;
// The Instant state.
int page_seq_no_;
bool is_focused_;
bool is_input_in_progress_;
bool is_key_capture_enabled_;
InstantRestrictedIDCache<InstantMostVisitedItem> most_visited_items_cache_;
// Use |most_visited_items_cache_| instead of |most_visited_info_.items| when
// comparing most visited items.
InstantMostVisitedInfo most_visited_info_;
bool has_received_most_visited_;
base::Optional<NtpTheme> theme_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<SearchBox> weak_ptr_factory_{this};