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This directory contains scripts used by ChromeDriver team to make public releases of ChromeDriver.

The following steps are involved:

  • Go to the following URL to review bugs fixed in the release, replacing the trailing 81 with actual ChromeDriver major version number:

  • After reviewing the above page and making and necessary updates, click on the “CSV” link near the lower-right corner to download the bug list to ~/Download/chromedriver-issues.csv.

  • Run Python script to generate release notes. It requires one command line argument, which is the full 4-part version number of the new release. The script is hardcoded to read ~/Download/chromedriver-issues.csv, and save the resulting file in notes.txt in the current directory.

  • Run shell script to copy ChromeDriver binaries and release notes to the release web site. This script takes one argument, the full 4-part version number of the new release.