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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/values.h"
namespace base {
class FilePath;
class ListValue;
struct Session;
class Status;
class WebView;
// Generates a random, 32-character hexidecimal ID.
std::string GenerateId();
// Send a sequence of key strokes to the active Element in window.
Status SendKeysOnWindow(
WebView* web_view,
const base::ListValue* key_list,
bool release_modifiers,
int* sticky_modifiers);
// Decodes the given base64-encoded string, after removing any newlines,
// which are required in some base64 standards. Returns true on success.
bool Base64Decode(const std::string& base64, std::string* bytes);
// Unzips the sole file contained in the given zip data |bytes| into
// |unzip_dir|. The zip data may be a normal zip archive or a single zip file
// entry. If the unzip successfully produced one file, returns true and sets
// |file| to the unzipped file.
// TODO(kkania): Remove the ability to parse single zip file entries when
// the current versions of all WebDriver clients send actual zip files.
Status UnzipSoleFile(const base::FilePath& unzip_dir,
const std::string& bytes,
base::FilePath* file);
// Calls BeforeCommand for each of |session|'s |CommandListener|s.
// If an error is encountered, will mark |session| for deletion and return.
Status NotifyCommandListenersBeforeCommand(Session* session,
const std::string& command_name);
// Functions to get an optional value of the given type from a dictionary.
// Each function has three different outcomes:
// * Value exists and is of right type:
// returns true, *has_value = true, *out_value gets the actual value.
// * Value does not exist:
// returns true, *has_value = false, *out_value is unchanged.
// * Value exists but is of wrong type (error condition):
// returns false, *has_value undefined, *out_value is unchanged.
// In addition to provide a convenient way to fetch optional values that are
// common in W3C WebDriver spec, some of these functions also handles the
// differences in the definition of an integer:
// * base::Value uses a definition similar to C++, thus 2.0 is not an integer.
// Also, integers are limited to 32-bit.
// * WebDriver spec ( defines
// integer to be a number that is unchanged under the ToInteger operation,
// thus 2.0 is an integer. Also, the spec sometimes uses "safe integer"
// (, whose
// absolute value can occupy up to 53 bits.
bool GetOptionalBool(const base::DictionaryValue* dict,
base::StringPiece path,
bool* out_value,
bool* has_value = nullptr);
bool GetOptionalInt(const base::DictionaryValue* dict,
base::StringPiece path,
int* out_value,
bool* has_value = nullptr);
bool GetOptionalDouble(const base::DictionaryValue* dict,
base::StringPiece path,
double* out_value,
bool* has_value = nullptr);
bool GetOptionalString(const base::DictionaryValue* dict,
base::StringPiece path,
std::string* out_value,
bool* has_value = nullptr);
// Handles "safe integer" mentioned in W3C spec,
bool GetOptionalSafeInt(const base::DictionaryValue* dict,
base::StringPiece path,
int64_t* out_value,
bool* has_value = nullptr);
bool SetSafeInt(base::DictionaryValue* dict,
const base::StringPiece path,
int64_t in_value_64);
// Provides WindowHandle to WebView method to maintain consistency across
// ChromeDriver.
std::string WebViewIdToWindowHandle(const std::string& web_view_id);
bool WindowHandleToWebViewId(const std::string& window_handle,
std::string* web_view_id);