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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "build/build_config.h"
#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
namespace sync_preferences {
class TestingPrefServiceSyncable;
namespace content {
class WebContents;
namespace payments {
// Observe states or actions taken by the PaymentRequest in tests, supporting
// both Android and desktop.
class PaymentRequestTestObserver {
virtual void OnCanMakePaymentCalled() {}
virtual void OnCanMakePaymentReturned() {}
virtual void OnHasEnrolledInstrumentCalled() {}
virtual void OnHasEnrolledInstrumentReturned() {}
virtual void OnShowAppsReady() {}
virtual void OnNotSupportedError() {}
virtual void OnConnectionTerminated() {}
virtual void OnAbortCalled() {}
virtual void OnCompleteCalled() {}
virtual void OnMinimalUIReady() {}
virtual ~PaymentRequestTestObserver() = default;
// A class to control creation and behaviour of PaymentRequests in a
// cross-platform way for testing both Android and desktop.
class PaymentRequestTestController {
// To be called from an override of BrowserTestBase::SetUpOnMainThread().
void SetUpOnMainThread();
void SetObserver(PaymentRequestTestObserver* observer);
// Sets values that will change the behaviour of PaymentRequests created in
// the future.
void SetIncognito(bool is_incognito);
void SetValidSsl(bool valid_ssl);
void SetCanMakePaymentEnabledPref(bool can_make_payment_enabled);
// Get the WebContents of the Payment Handler for testing purpose, or null if
// nonexistent. To guarantee a non-null return, this function should be called
// only if: 1) PaymentRequest UI is opening. 2) ScrollToExpandPaymentHandler
// feature is enabled (on Android). 3) PaymentHandler is opening.
content::WebContents* GetPaymentHandlerWebContents();
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Click the security icon on the Expandable Payment Handler toolbar for
// testing purpose. return whether it's succeeded.
bool ClickPaymentHandlerSecurityIcon();
// Confirms payment in minimal UI. Returns true on success or if the minimal
// UI is not implemented on the current platform.
bool ConfirmMinimalUI();
// Dismisses payment in minimal UI. Returns true on success or if the minimal
// UI is not implemented on the current platform.
bool DismissMinimalUI();
// Returns true when running on Android M or L.
bool IsAndroidMarshmallowOrLollipop();
// Observers that forward through to the PaymentRequestTestObserver.
void OnCanMakePaymentCalled();
void OnCanMakePaymentReturned();
void OnHasEnrolledInstrumentCalled();
void OnHasEnrolledInstrumentReturned();
void OnShowAppsReady();
void OnNotSupportedError();
void OnConnectionTerminated();
void OnAbortCalled();
void OnCompleteCalled();
void OnMinimalUIReady();
PaymentRequestTestObserver* observer_ = nullptr;
bool is_incognito_ = false;
bool valid_ssl_ = true;
bool can_make_payment_pref_ = true;
#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
void UpdateDelegateFactory();
std::unique_ptr<sync_preferences::TestingPrefServiceSyncable> prefs_;
class ObserverConverter;
std::unique_ptr<ObserverConverter> observer_converter_;
} // namespace payments