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  1. buckets/
  2. consoles/
  3. dev/
  4. generated/
  5. generators/
  6. lib/
  7. validators/
  8. versioned/
  12. luci-scheduler.cfg
  15. OWNERS
  19. tricium-prod.cfg

IMPORTANT: If you see this in a branch which is not master, this directory has no effect and should be ignored.

This directory contains chromium project-wide configurations for Chrome Operations services. For example, cr-buildbucket.cfg defines builders.

Remember Change these configs on master branch only!

Currently active version can be checked at .

The configuration files are currently in the process of being migrated to lucicfg/starlark. See for more information on lucicfg/starlark. If a hand-written configuration file is still present alongside this file, you can modify that file directly.

The remainder of the configuration files are generated by starlark. The starlark configuration is rooted in and, which execute other starlark files to generate a subset of the LUCI service configuration files to the generated subdirectory. A presubmit check enforces that the generated files are kept in sync with the generated output of the starlark configuration.

The starlark configuration also copies over the not-yet migrated files to the generated directory, so updating the hand-written configuration files will require re-‘generating’ the configuration.