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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <deque>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "ui/latency/latency_info.h"
namespace ui {
// A class for reporting AverageLag metrics. See
class AverageLagTracker {
void AddLatencyInFrame(const LatencyInfo& latency,
base::TimeTicks gpu_swap_begin_timestamp,
const std::string& scroll_name);
typedef struct LagAreaInFrame {
LagAreaInFrame(base::TimeTicks time,
float rendered_pos = 0,
float rendered_pos_no_prediction = 0)
: frame_time(time),
lag_area_no_prediction(0) {}
base::TimeTicks frame_time;
// |rendered_accumulated_delta| is the cumulative delta that was swapped for
// this frame; this is based on the predicted delta, if prediction is
// enabled.
float rendered_accumulated_delta;
// |lag_area| is computed once a future input is processed that occurs after
// the swap timestamp (so that we can compute how far the rendered delta
// was from the actual position at the swap time).
float lag_area;
// |rendered_accumulated_delta_no_prediction| is the what would have been
// rendered if prediction was not taken into account, i.e., the actual delta
// from the input event.
float rendered_accumulated_delta_no_prediction;
// |lag_area_no_prediction| is computed the same as |lag_area| but using
// rendered_accumulated_delta_no_prediction as the rendered delta.
float lag_area_no_prediction;
} LagAreaInFrame;
// Calculate lag in 1 seconds intervals and report UMA.
void CalculateAndReportAverageLagUma(bool send_anyway = false);
// Helper function to calculate lag area between |front_time| to
// |back_time|.
float LagBetween(base::TimeTicks front_time,
base::TimeTicks back_time,
const LatencyInfo& latency,
base::TimeTicks event_time,
float rendered_accumulated_delta);
float LagForUnfinishedFrame(float rendered_accumulated_delta);
std::deque<LagAreaInFrame> frame_lag_infos_;
// Last scroll event's timestamp in the sequence, reset on ScrollBegin.
base::TimeTicks last_event_timestamp_;
// Timestamp of the last frame popped from |frame_lag_infos_| queue.
base::TimeTicks last_finished_frame_time_;
// Accumulated scroll delta for actual scroll update events. Cumulated from
// latency.scroll_update_delta(). Reset on ScrollBegin.
float last_event_accumulated_delta_ = 0;
// Accumulated scroll delta got rendered on gpu swap. Cumulated from
// latency.predicted_scroll_update_delta(). It always has same value as
// |last_event_accumulated_delta_| when scroll prediction is disabled.
float last_rendered_accumulated_delta_ = 0;
// This keeps track of the last report_time when we report to UMA, so we can
// calculate the report's duration by current - last. Reset on ScrollBegin.
base::TimeTicks last_reported_time_;
// True if the first element of |frame_lag_infos_| is for ScrollBegin.
// For ScrollBegin, we don't wait for the 1 second interval but record the
// UMA once the frame is finished.
bool is_begin_ = false;
// Accumulated lag area in the 1 second intervals.
float accumulated_lag_ = 0;
// Accumulated lag not taking into account the predicted deltas.
float accumulated_lag_no_prediction_ = 0;
} // namespace ui