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  1. @std/
  3. acquire-import-maps-flag/
  4. bare.sub.tentative.html
  5. bare/
  6. builtin-empty.tentative.html
  7. builtin-import-scheme.tentative-expected.txt
  8. builtin-import-scheme.tentative.html
  9. builtin.tentative.html
  10. csp/
  11. data.sub.tentative.html
  12. fallback-disallowed.sub.tentative.html
  13. fallback.sub.tentative.html
  14. http.sub.tentative.html
  15. module-map-key.tentative.html
  16. resolving.tentative-expected.txt
  17. resolving.tentative.html
  18. resources/
  19. static-import.js

Tests for Import Maps.

Because the spec itself is still under development and there are ongoing spec discussions, the tests are all tentative.

Also, some tests are based on Chromium‘s behavior which reflects an older version of import maps spec (“package name maps” around May 2018), and have dependency to Chromium’s implementation (internals.resolveModuleSpecifier). These dependencies should be removed, once the spec matures.