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<!doctype html>
<meta charset=utf-8>
<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<script src="resources/test-helpers.sub.js"></script>
promise_test(function(t) {
var frame;
var resource = 'simple.txt';
var worker;
var scope = 'resources/';
var script = 'resources/claim-worker.js';
return Promise.resolve()
// Create the test iframe with a shared worker.
.then(() => with_iframe('resources/claim-shared-worker-fetch-iframe.html'))
.then(f => frame = f)
// Check the controller and test with fetch in the shared worker.
.then(() => assert_equals(frame.contentWindow.navigator.controller,
'Should have no controller.'))
.then(() => frame.contentWindow.fetch_in_shared_worker(resource))
.then(response_text => assert_equals(response_text,
'a simple text file\n',
'fetch() should not be intercepted.'))
// Register a service worker.
.then(() => service_worker_unregister_and_register(t, script, scope))
.then(r => {
t.add_cleanup(() => service_worker_unregister(t, scope));
worker = r.installing;
return wait_for_state(t, worker, 'activated')
// Let the service worker claim the iframe and the shared worker.
.then(() => {
var channel = new MessageChannel();
var saw_message = new Promise(function(resolve) {
channel.port1.onmessage = t.step_func(function(e) {
assert_equals(, 'PASS',
'Worker call to claim() should fulfill.');
worker.postMessage({port: channel.port2}, [channel.port2]);
return saw_message;
// Check the controller and test with fetch in the shared worker.
.then(() => frame.contentWindow.navigator.serviceWorker.getRegistration(scope))
.then(r => assert_equals(frame.contentWindow.navigator.serviceWorker.controller,,
'Test iframe should be claimed.'))
// TODO(horo): Check the SharedWorker's navigator.seviceWorker.controller.
.then(() => frame.contentWindow.fetch_in_shared_worker(resource))
.then(response_text =>
'fetch() in the shared worker should be intercepted.'))
// Cleanup this testcase.
.then(() => frame.remove());
}, 'fetch() in SharedWorker should be intercepted after the client is claimed.')