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  1. DEPS
  4. buildflags.gni
  5. chime/
  6. chrome_bundle_tmpl.gni
  7. chrome_feature_module_tmpl.gni
  8. chrome_feature_modules.gni
  9. dev_ui/
  10. extra_icu/
  11. image_editor/
  12. stack_unwinder/
  13. test_dummy/

Chrome on Android App Bundles and Dynamic Feature Modules

This directory contains GN templates and code for Chrome-specific Android app bundles and dynamic feature modules. Among others, it offers the following:

  • A list of descriptors for all modules packaged into the Chrome bundles in chrome_feature_modules.gni.

  • A GN template to instantiate a Chrome-specific module in chrome_feature_module_tmpl.gni. It wraps an android_app_bundle_module and adds things like multi ABI (e.g. 64 bit browser and 32 bit WebView) and auto-generated Java module descriptors (see here for more details).

  • A GN template to instantiate a Chrome-specific bundle in chrome_bundle_tmpl.gni. It instantiates a chrome_feature_module for each passed module descriptors as well as an android_app_bundle.

  • A subfolder for each module containing module-specific code such as module interfaces and providers.