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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module chrome.mojom;
import "url/mojom/url.mojom";
// Categorizes suggested content for metrics reporting.
// This enum duplicates the values from the NetErrorOfflineSuggestionType
// metrics enum in enums.xml therefore its entries should not be deleted
// or re-ordered and new ones should only be appended. Furthermore, changes
// to this enum might effect the presentation logic in
// components/neterror/resources/neterror.js.
enum AvailableContentType {
// The offline page is prefetched suggested content.
kPrefetchedPage = 0,
kVideo = 1,
kAudio = 2,
// The offline page was downloaded in some other way.
kOtherPage = 3,
kUninteresting = 4,
// A single piece of content that is available offline.
// Note: Some of the data stored in this struct is web content and must be
// properly handled for securing their presentation on the net error page:
// * Textual content must be set into the page using the |textContent| property
// of the respective DOM elements.
// * Images must be safely decoded and re-encoded to eliminate any potential
// malicious content.
struct AvailableOfflineContent {
// Together id and name_space define a unique ID for this item.
string id;
string name_space;
// A brief title for the item.
string title;
// Descriptive text about the item.
string snippet;
// A user-friendly description of the modified date.
string date_modified;
// A brief description of the source. May be empty.
string attribution;
// Data URI containing thumbnail image data.
url.mojom.Url thumbnail_data_uri;
// Data URI containing favicon image data.
url.mojom.Url favicon_data_uri;
// Type of this content.
AvailableContentType content_type;
// Provides access to items available while offline.
interface AvailableOfflineContentProvider {
// Returns some available pieces of content from downloads. If not there's not
// enough available content deemed interesting, the returned array will be
// empty.
List() => (bool list_visible_by_prefs, array<AvailableOfflineContent> out);
// Opens one of the items returned by List().
LaunchItem(string item_id, string name_space);
// Opens the downloads page to view all offline content.
LaunchDownloadsPage(bool open_prefetched_articles_tab);
// Communicates to the browser the user changed the visibility of the
// offline content list.
ListVisibilityChanged(bool is_visible);