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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "components/arc/arc_features.h"
namespace arc {
// Controls whether ARC++ app runtime performance statistics collection is
// enabled.
const base::Feature kAppRuntimePerormanceStatistics{
"AppRuntimePerormanceStatistics", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast for third party applications on ARC.
// When disabled, third party apps will not receive this broadcast.
const base::Feature kBootCompletedBroadcastFeature {
"ArcBootCompletedBroadcast", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT
// Controls whether we should delete all ARC data before transitioning a user
// from regular to child account.
const base::Feature kCleanArcDataOnRegularToChildTransitionFeature{
// Controls experimental Custom Tabs feature for ARC.
const base::Feature kCustomTabsExperimentFeature{
"ArcCustomTabsExperiment", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether ARC applications support zoom in/out.
const base::Feature kEnableApplicationZoomFeature{
"ArcEnableApplicationZoomFeature", base::FEATURE_DISABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether ARC handles child->regular account transition.
const base::Feature kEnableChildToRegularTransitionFeature{
"ArcEnableChildToRegularTransition", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether ARC documents from DocumentsProviders should be shown in
// Chrome OS Files app.
const base::Feature kEnableDocumentsProviderInFilesAppFeature{
"ArcEnableDocumentsProviderInFilesApp", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether ARC handles regular->child account transition.
const base::Feature kEnableRegularToChildTransitionFeature{
"ArcEnableRegularToChildTransition", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls whether we should delegate audio focus requests from ARC to Chrome.
const base::Feature kEnableUnifiedAudioFocusFeature{
"ArcEnableUnifiedAudioFocus", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls experimental file picker feature for ARC.
const base::Feature kFilePickerExperimentFeature{
"ArcFilePickerExperiment", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Toggles between native bridge implementations for ARC.
// Note, that we keep the original feature name to preserve
// corresponding metrics.
const base::Feature kNativeBridgeToggleFeature{
"ArcNativeBridgeExperiment", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls ARC picture-in-picture feature. If this is enabled, then Android
// will control which apps can enter PIP. If this is disabled, then ARC PIP
// will be disabled.
const base::Feature kPictureInPictureFeature{"ArcPictureInPicture",
// Controls experimental print spooler feature for ARC.
const base::Feature kPrintSpoolerExperimentFeature{
"ArcPrintSpoolerExperiment", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls Smart Text Selection for Chrome.
// When enabled, the context menu will show contextual quick actions based on
// the current text selection.
const base::Feature kSmartTextSelectionFeature{
"ArcSmartTextSelection", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
// Controls ARC USB host integration.
// When enabled, Android apps will be able to use usb host features.
const base::Feature kUsbHostFeature{"ArcUsbHost",
// Controls ARC USB Storage UI feature.
// When enabled, chrome://settings and will ask if the user wants
// to expose USB storage devices to ARC.
const base::Feature kUsbStorageUIFeature{"ArcUsbStorageUI",
// Controls ARC VPN integration.
// When enabled, Chrome traffic will be routed through VPNs connected in
// Android apps.
const base::Feature kVpnFeature{"ArcVpn", base::FEATURE_ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT};
} // namespace arc