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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <queue>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/files/scoped_file.h"
#include "base/threading/thread_checker.h"
#include "components/arc/mojom/video_decode_accelerator.mojom.h"
#include "gpu/config/gpu_preferences.h"
#include "media/video/video_decode_accelerator.h"
namespace arc {
class ProtectedBufferManager;
// GpuArcVideoDecodeAccelerator is executed in the GPU process.
// It takes decoding requests from ARC via IPC channels and translates and
// sends those requests to an implementation of media::VideoDecodeAccelerator.
// It also calls ARC client functions in media::VideoDecodeAccelerator
// callbacks, e.g., PictureReady, which returns the decoded frames back to the
// ARC side. This class manages Reset and Flush requests and life-cycle of
// passed callback for them. They would be processed in FIFO order.
// For each creation request from GpuArcVideoDecodeAcceleratorHost,
// GpuArcVideoDecodeAccelerator will create a new IPC channel.
class GpuArcVideoDecodeAccelerator
: public mojom::VideoDecodeAccelerator,
public media::VideoDecodeAccelerator::Client {
const gpu::GpuPreferences& gpu_preferences,
scoped_refptr<ProtectedBufferManager> protected_buffer_manager);
~GpuArcVideoDecodeAccelerator() override;
// Implementation of media::VideoDecodeAccelerator::Client interface.
void ProvidePictureBuffers(uint32_t requested_num_of_buffers,
media::VideoPixelFormat format,
uint32_t textures_per_buffer,
const gfx::Size& dimensions,
uint32_t texture_target) override;
void ProvidePictureBuffersWithVisibleRect(uint32_t requested_num_of_buffers,
media::VideoPixelFormat format,
uint32_t textures_per_buffer,
const gfx::Size& dimensions,
const gfx::Rect& visible_rect,
uint32_t texture_target) override;
void PictureReady(const media::Picture& picture) override;
void DismissPictureBuffer(int32_t picture_buffer_id) override;
void NotifyEndOfBitstreamBuffer(int32_t bitstream_buffer_id) override;
void NotifyFlushDone() override;
void NotifyResetDone() override;
void NotifyError(media::VideoDecodeAccelerator::Error error) override;
// mojom::VideoDecodeAccelerator implementation.
void Initialize(mojom::VideoDecodeAcceleratorConfigPtr config,
mojom::VideoDecodeClientPtr client,
InitializeCallback callback) override;
void Decode(mojom::BitstreamBufferPtr bitstream_buffer) override;
void AssignPictureBuffers(uint32_t count) override;
void ImportBufferForPicture(int32_t picture_buffer_id,
mojom::HalPixelFormat format,
mojo::ScopedHandle handle,
std::vector<VideoFramePlane> planes) override;
void ReusePictureBuffer(int32_t picture_buffer_id) override;
void Flush(FlushCallback callback) override;
void Reset(ResetCallback callback) override;
using PendingCallback =
static_assert(std::is_same<ResetCallback, PendingCallback>::value,
"The type of PendingCallback must match ResetCallback");
static_assert(std::is_same<FlushCallback, PendingCallback>::value,
"The type of PendingCallback must match FlushCallback");
using PendingRequest =
base::OnceCallback<void(PendingCallback, media::VideoDecodeAccelerator*)>;
// Initialize GpuArcVDA and create VDA. It returns SUCCESS if they are
// successful. Otherwise, returns an error status.
mojom::VideoDecodeAccelerator::Result InitializeTask(
mojom::VideoDecodeAcceleratorConfigPtr config);
// Execute all pending requests until a VDA::Reset() request is encountered.
// When that happens, we need to explicitly wait for NotifyResetDone().
// before we continue executing subsequent requests.
void RunPendingRequests();
// When |pending_reset_callback_| isn't null, GAVDA is awaiting a preceding
// Reset() to be finished, and |request| is pended by queueing
// in |pending_requests_|. Otherwise, the requested VDA operation is executed.
// In the case of Flush request, the callback is queued to
// |pending_flush_callbacks_|. In the case of Reset request,
// the callback is set |pending_reset_callback_|.
void ExecuteRequest(std::pair<PendingRequest, PendingCallback> request);
// Requested VDA methods are executed in these functions.
void FlushRequest(PendingCallback cb, media::VideoDecodeAccelerator* vda);
void ResetRequest(PendingCallback cb, media::VideoDecodeAccelerator* vda);
void DecodeRequest(media::BitstreamBuffer bitstream_buffer,
PendingCallback cb,
media::VideoDecodeAccelerator* vda);
// Global counter that keeps track of the number of active clients (i.e., how
// many VDAs in use by this class).
// Since this class only works on the same thread, it's safe to access
// |client_count_| without lock.
static size_t client_count_;
// |error_state_| is true, if GAVDA gets an error from VDA.
// All the pending functions are cancelled and the callbacks are
// executed with an error state.
bool error_state_ = false;
// The variables for managing callbacks.
// VDA::Decode(), VDA::Flush() and VDA::Reset() should not be posted to VDA
// while the previous Reset() hasn't been finished yet (i.e. before
// NotifyResetDone() is invoked).
// Those requests will be queued in |pending_requests_| in a FIFO manner,
// and will be executed once all the preceding Reset() have been finished.
// |pending_flush_callbacks_| stores all the callbacks corresponding to
// currently executing Flush()es in VDA. |pending_reset_callback_| is a
// callback of the currently executing Reset() in VDA.
// If |pending_flush_callbacks_| is not empty in NotifyResetDone(),
// as Flush()es may be cancelled by Reset() in VDA, they are called with
// In |pending_requests_|, PendingRequest is Reset/Flush/DecodeRequest().
// PendingCallback is null in the case of Decode().
// Otherwise, it isn't nullptr and will have to be called eventually.
std::queue<std::pair<PendingRequest, PendingCallback>> pending_requests_;
std::queue<FlushCallback> pending_flush_callbacks_;
ResetCallback pending_reset_callback_;
gpu::GpuPreferences gpu_preferences_;
std::unique_ptr<media::VideoDecodeAccelerator> vda_;
mojom::VideoDecodeClientPtr client_;
gfx::Size coded_size_;
gfx::Size pending_coded_size_;
scoped_refptr<ProtectedBufferManager> protected_buffer_manager_;
size_t protected_input_buffer_count_ = 0;
bool secure_mode_ = false;
size_t output_buffer_count_ = 0;
bool assign_picture_buffers_called_ = false;
} // namespace arc