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The Lite pages component contains code for changing the format and content of
web pages to improve data savings and/or performance.
## Manual Testing
To manually evaluate the effect of Lite Pages on a webpage, start Chrome on
Android with version equal to or greater than 77.0.3830.0, with the following
command line flags:
chrome \
--force-enable-lite-pages \
And then enable "Lite Mode" from the Chrome Settings Menu (Android only).
## Explanation
The above flags will put Chrome into a state matching that of the target user
population of lite pages.
When a lite page is shown, the "Lite Badge" will be displayed in the Omnibox.
Please note that since the lite pages component is still in active development
and relies heavily on server interactions, the transformation(s) applied to any
single page may change over time. However, the transformation(s) applied to a
page are very like to be the same for all clients requesting that page at the
same time from the same geography.