Using the trybots


The trybots let committers try uncommitted patches on multiple platforms in an automated way.

  • Trybots include all platforms for which we currently build Chromium, though they may not support all configurations built on CI.
  • The commit queue runs a subset of available trybots. See here for more information.
  • trybots can be manually invoked via git cl try or the “Choose Trybots” UI in gerrit.
  • Any committer can use the trybots.
  • Non-committers with tryjob access can also use the trybots. See here for more information.
  • External contributors without tryjob access can ask committers to run tryjobs for them.


  1. Upload your change to gerrit via git cl upload

  2. Run trybots:

    • Run the default set of trybots by starting a CQ dry run, either by setting CQ+1 on gerrit or by running git cl try with no arguments.

    • Run trybots of your choice by providing arguments to git cl try:

      • specify bucket name with -B/--bucket. For chromium tryjobs, this should always be luci.chromium.try
      • specify bot names with -b/--bot. This can be specified more than once.


Launching a CQ dry run:

$ git cl try

Launching a particular trybot:

$ git cl try -B luci.chromium.try -b linux-rel

Launching multiple trybots:

$ git cl try -B luci.chromium.try \
  -b android-binary-size \
  -b ios-simulator-full-configs \
  -b linux-blink-rel \
  -b win7-blink-rel
  # etc

Bugs? Feature requests? Questions?

File a trooper bug.

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