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Name: Android SDK
Version: 28
Android SDK Build-tools 27.0.3
Android SDK Emulator 29.0.9
Android SDK Platform-tools 28.0.3
Android SDK Platform API 28
Android SDK Sources 28
Android SDK Tools 26.1.1
Android Lint 26.4.0-alpha04
Google Cloud Messaging 3
SDK Patch Applier v4
Security Critical: no
License: Apache Version 2.0
The Android SDK provide API libraries and developer tools necessary to
build, test and debug for Android.
Local Modifications:
- public/
- Included the Android support library and required extras packages.
- Added extras/chromium/.
- Added build-tools/25.0.2/lib/dx.jar for //third_party/byte_buddy
- public/tools-lint/
- Go to go/studio-master-grid
- Find the first green build under sdk_tools_linux
- Email and cc android-devtools@ to determine if that build
can be used publicly.
- Click through to Artifacts.
- Click the copy icon at the right for
- Use the copied command to download the zip.
- Unzip and rename tools to tools-lint and move to the right spot in our repo.
- Create CL and carbon copy
No other modifications has been made to the public Android SDK.
Update Instructions:
public/tools/bin/sdkmanager --list # Look for"Installed packages:"
public/tools/bin/sdkmanager --update "name from --list's output"
cipd create --pkg-def cipd_emulator.yaml # For each package updated
* Update //DEPS with InstanceIds printed by "cipd create".
* Update versions in this README.chromium.
* The overall Version field should corresponde to the Platform API version.