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FlagExpectations stores flag-specific test expectations. To run layout tests
with a flag, use: --additional-driver-flag=--name-of-flag
Create a new file:
These are formatted: path/to/your/test.html [ Expectation ]
Then run the tests with --additional-expectations: --additional-driver-flag=--name-of-flag
which will override the main TestExpectations file.
When passing a set of tests via the command line, such as using --test-list,
the SKIP expectation is not respected by default. The option --skipped=always
can be added in order to actually skip those tests.
To run a subset of all tests, with custom expectations, and to properly skip: --additional-driver-flag=--name-of-flag
--test-list=path/to/test-list-file --skipped=always