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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/sequence_checker.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "chrome/browser/resource_coordinator/exponential_moving_average.h"
#include "chrome/browser/resource_coordinator/local_site_characteristics_database.h"
#include "chrome/browser/resource_coordinator/local_site_characteristics_feature_usage.h"
#include "chrome/browser/resource_coordinator/site_characteristics.pb.h"
#include "chrome/browser/resource_coordinator/site_characteristics_tab_visibility.h"
#include "chrome/browser/resource_coordinator/tab_manager_features.h"
#include "url/origin.h"
namespace resource_coordinator {
class LocalSiteCharacteristicsDatabase;
class LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataStore;
class LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataStoreTest;
class LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataReaderTest;
class LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataWriterTest;
namespace internal {
// Internal class used to read/write site characteristics. This is a wrapper
// class around a SiteCharacteristicsProto object and offers various to query
// and/or modify it. This class shouldn't be used directly, instead it should be
// created by a LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataStore that will serve reader and
// writer objects.
// Reader and writers objects that are interested in reading/writing information
// about the same origin will share a unique ref counted instance of this
// object, because of this all the operations done on these objects should be
// done on the same thread, this class isn't thread safe.
// By default tabs associated with instances of this class are assumed to be
// running in foreground, |NotifyTabBackgrounded| should get called to indicate
// that the tab is running in background.
class LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImpl
: public base::RefCounted<LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImpl> {
// Interface that should be implemented in order to receive notifications when
// this object is about to get destroyed.
class OnDestroyDelegate {
// Called when this object is about to get destroyed.
virtual void OnLocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImplDestroyed(
LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImpl* impl) = 0;
// Must be called when a load event is received for this site, this can be
// invoked several times if instances of this class are shared between
// multiple tabs.
void NotifySiteLoaded();
// Must be called when an unload event is received for this site, this can be
// invoked several times if instances of this class are shared between
// multiple tabs.
void NotifySiteUnloaded(TabVisibility tab_visibility);
// Must be called when a loaded tab gets backgrounded.
void NotifyLoadedSiteBackgrounded();
// Must be called when a loaded tab gets foregrounded.
void NotifyLoadedSiteForegrounded();
// Returns the usage of a given feature for this origin.
SiteFeatureUsage UpdatesFaviconInBackground() const;
SiteFeatureUsage UpdatesTitleInBackground() const;
SiteFeatureUsage UsesAudioInBackground() const;
SiteFeatureUsage UsesNotificationsInBackground() const;
// Returns true if the most authoritative data has been loaded from the
// backing store.
bool DataLoaded() const;
// Registers a callback to be invoked when the data backing this object is
// loaded from disk, or otherwise authoritatively initialized.
void RegisterDataLoadedCallback(base::OnceClosure&& callback);
// Accessors for load-time performance measurement estimates.
// If |num_datum| is zero, there's no estimate available.
const ExponentialMovingAverage& load_duration() const {
return load_duration_;
const ExponentialMovingAverage& cpu_usage_estimate() const {
return cpu_usage_estimate_;
const ExponentialMovingAverage& private_footprint_kb_estimate() const {
return private_footprint_kb_estimate_;
// Must be called when a feature is used, calling this function updates the
// last observed timestamp for this feature.
void NotifyUpdatesFaviconInBackground();
void NotifyUpdatesTitleInBackground();
void NotifyUsesAudioInBackground();
void NotifyUsesNotificationsInBackground();
// Call when a load-time performance measurement becomes available.
void NotifyLoadTimePerformanceMeasurement(
base::TimeDelta load_duration,
base::TimeDelta cpu_usage_estimate,
uint64_t private_footprint_kb_estimate);
base::TimeDelta last_loaded_time_for_testing() const {
return InternalRepresentationToTimeDelta(
const SiteCharacteristicsProto& site_characteristics_for_testing() const {
return site_characteristics_;
size_t loaded_tabs_count_for_testing() const { return loaded_tabs_count_; }
size_t loaded_tabs_in_background_count_for_testing() const {
return loaded_tabs_in_background_count_;
base::TimeTicks background_session_begin_for_testing() const {
return background_session_begin_;
const url::Origin& origin() const { return origin_; }
bool is_dirty() const { return is_dirty_; }
void ExpireAllObservationWindowsForTesting();
void ClearObservationsAndInvalidateReadOperationForTesting() {
bool fully_initialized_for_testing() const { return fully_initialized_; }
friend class base::RefCounted<LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImpl>;
friend class resource_coordinator::LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataStore;
// Friend all the tests.
friend class LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImplTest;
friend class resource_coordinator::LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataReaderTest;
friend class resource_coordinator::LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataStoreTest;
friend class resource_coordinator::LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataWriterTest;
LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImpl(const url::Origin& origin,
OnDestroyDelegate* delegate,
LocalSiteCharacteristicsDatabase* database);
virtual ~LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImpl();
// Helper functions to convert from/to the internal representation that is
// used to store TimeDelta values in the |SiteCharacteristicsProto| protobuf.
static base::TimeDelta InternalRepresentationToTimeDelta(
::google::protobuf::int64 value) {
return base::TimeDelta::FromSeconds(value);
static int64_t TimeDeltaToInternalRepresentation(base::TimeDelta delta) {
return delta.InSeconds();
// Returns for how long a given feature has been observed, this is the sum of
// the recorded observation duration and the current observation duration
// since this site has been loaded (if applicable). If a feature has been
// used then it returns 0.
base::TimeDelta FeatureObservationDuration(
const SiteCharacteristicsFeatureProto& feature_proto) const;
// Add |extra_observation_duration| to the observation window of a given
// feature if it hasn't been used yet, do nothing otherwise.
static void IncrementFeatureObservationDuration(
SiteCharacteristicsFeatureProto* feature_proto,
base::TimeDelta extra_observation_duration);
// Clear all the past observations about this site and invalidate the pending
// read observations from the database.
void ClearObservationsAndInvalidateReadOperation();
// Returns the usage of |site_feature| for this site.
SiteFeatureUsage GetFeatureUsage(
const SiteCharacteristicsFeatureProto& feature_proto,
const base::TimeDelta min_obs_time) const;
// Helper function to update a given |SiteCharacteristicsFeatureProto| when a
// feature gets used.
void NotifyFeatureUsage(SiteCharacteristicsFeatureProto* feature_proto,
const char* feature_name);
bool IsLoaded() const { return loaded_tabs_count_ > 0U; }
// Callback that needs to be called by the database once it has finished
// trying to read the protobuf.
void OnInitCallback(
base::Optional<SiteCharacteristicsProto> site_characteristic_proto);
// Decrement the |loaded_tabs_in_background_count_| counter and update the
// local feature observation durations if necessary.
void DecrementNumLoadedBackgroundTabs();
// Flush any state that's maintained in member variables to the proto.
const SiteCharacteristicsProto& FlushStateToProto();
// Updates the proto with the current total observation duration and updates
// |background_session_begin_| to NowTicks().
void FlushFeaturesObservationDurationToProto();
void TransitionToFullyInitialized();
// This site's characteristics, contains the features and other values are
// measured.
SiteCharacteristicsProto site_characteristics_;
// The in-memory storage for the moving performance averages.
ExponentialMovingAverage load_duration_; // microseconds.
ExponentialMovingAverage cpu_usage_estimate_; // microseconds.
ExponentialMovingAverage private_footprint_kb_estimate_;
// This site's origin.
const url::Origin origin_;
// The number of loaded tabs for this origin. Several tabs with the
// same origin might share the same instance of this object, this counter
// will allow to properly update the observation time (starts when the first
// tab gets loaded, stops when the last one gets unloaded).
size_t loaded_tabs_count_;
// Number of loaded tabs currently in background for this origin, the
// implementation doesn't need to track unloaded tabs running in background.
size_t loaded_tabs_in_background_count_;
// The time at which the |loaded_tabs_in_background_count_| counter changed
// from 0 to 1.
base::TimeTicks background_session_begin_;
// The database used to store the site characteristics, it should outlive
// this object.
LocalSiteCharacteristicsDatabase* const database_;
// The delegate that should get notified when this object is about to get
// destroyed, it should outlive this object.
OnDestroyDelegate* const delegate_;
// Indicates if this object has been fully initialized, either because the
// read operation from the database has completed or because it has been
// cleared.
bool fully_initialized_;
// Dirty bit, indicates if any of the fields in |site_characteristics_| has
// changed since it has been initialized.
bool is_dirty_;
// A collection of callbacks to be invoked when this object becomes fully
// initialized.
std::vector<base::OnceClosure> data_loaded_callbacks_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<LocalSiteCharacteristicsDataImpl> weak_factory_;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace resource_coordinator