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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "components/sync/protocol/bookmark_model_metadata.pb.h"
#include "components/sync/protocol/entity_metadata.pb.h"
#include "components/sync/protocol/unique_position.pb.h"
namespace bookmarks {
class BookmarkModel;
class BookmarkNode;
namespace syncer {
struct EntityData;
namespace sync_bookmarks {
using NodeMetadataPair = std::pair<const bookmarks::BookmarkNode*,
// This class is responsible for keeping the mapping between bookmarks node in
// the local model and the server-side corresponding sync entities. It manages
// the metadata for its entity and caches entity data upon a local change until
// commit confirmation is received.
class SyncedBookmarkTracker {
class Entity {
// |bookmark_node| can be null for tombstones. |metadata| must not be null.
Entity(const bookmarks::BookmarkNode* bookmark_node,
std::unique_ptr<sync_pb::EntityMetadata> metadata);
// Returns true if this data is out of sync with the server.
// A commit may or may not be in progress at this time.
bool IsUnsynced() const;
// Check whether |data| matches the stored specifics hash. It ignores parent
// information.
bool MatchesDataIgnoringParent(const syncer::EntityData& data) const;
// Check whether |specifics| matches the stored specifics_hash.
bool MatchesSpecificsHash(const sync_pb::EntitySpecifics& specifics) const;
// Returns null for tomstones.
const bookmarks::BookmarkNode* bookmark_node() const {
return bookmark_node_;
// Used in local deletions to mark and entity as a tommstone.
void clear_bookmark_node() { bookmark_node_ = nullptr; }
const sync_pb::EntityMetadata* metadata() const {
// TODO( The below CHECK is added to debug some crashes.
// Should be removed after figuring out the reason for the crash.
return metadata_.get();
sync_pb::EntityMetadata* metadata() {
// TODO( The below CHECK is added to debug some crashes.
// Should be removed after figuring out the reason for the crash.
return metadata_.get();
// Returns the estimate of dynamically allocated memory in bytes.
size_t EstimateMemoryUsage() const;
// Null for tombstones.
const bookmarks::BookmarkNode* bookmark_node_;
// Serializable Sync metadata.
const std::unique_ptr<sync_pb::EntityMetadata> metadata_;
// |model_type_state| must not be null. null nodes in |nodes_metadata| can be
// used to represent local tombstones.
std::vector<NodeMetadataPair> nodes_metadata,
std::unique_ptr<sync_pb::ModelTypeState> model_type_state);
// Checks the integrity of the |model_metadata|. It also verifies that the
// contents of the |model_metadata| match the contents of |model|. It should
// only be called if the initial sync has completed.
static bool BookmarkModelMatchesMetadata(
const bookmarks::BookmarkModel* model,
const sync_pb::BookmarkModelMetadata& model_metadata);
// Returns null if no entity is found.
const Entity* GetEntityForSyncId(const std::string& sync_id) const;
// Returns null if no entity is found.
const SyncedBookmarkTracker::Entity* GetEntityForBookmarkNode(
const bookmarks::BookmarkNode* node) const;
// Adds an entry for the |sync_id| and the corresponding local bookmark node
// and metadata in |sync_id_to_entities_map_|.
void Add(const std::string& sync_id,
const bookmarks::BookmarkNode* bookmark_node,
int64_t server_version,
base::Time creation_time,
const sync_pb::UniquePosition& unique_position,
const sync_pb::EntitySpecifics& specifics);
// Updates an existing entry for the |sync_id| and the corresponding metadata
// in |sync_id_to_entities_map_|.
void Update(const std::string& sync_id,
int64_t server_version,
base::Time modification_time,
const sync_pb::UniquePosition& unique_position,
const sync_pb::EntitySpecifics& specifics);
// Updates the server version of an existing entry for the |sync_id|.
void UpdateServerVersion(const std::string& sync_id, int64_t server_version);
// This class maintains the order of calls to this method and the same order
// is gauaranteed when returning local changes in
// GetEntitiesWithLocalChanges() as well as in BuildBookmarkModelMetadata().
void MarkDeleted(const std::string& sync_id);
// Removes the entry coressponding to the |sync_id| from
// |sync_id_to_entities_map_|.
void Remove(const std::string& sync_id);
// Increment sequence number in the metadata for the entity with |sync_id|.
// Tracker must contain a non-tomstone entity with server id = |sync_id|.
void IncrementSequenceNumber(const std::string& sync_id);
sync_pb::BookmarkModelMetadata BuildBookmarkModelMetadata() const;
// Returns true if there are any local entities to be committed.
bool HasLocalChanges() const;
const sync_pb::ModelTypeState& model_type_state() const {
return *model_type_state_;
void set_model_type_state(
std::unique_ptr<sync_pb::ModelTypeState> model_type_state) {
model_type_state_ = std::move(model_type_state);
std::vector<const Entity*> GetAllEntities() const;
std::vector<const Entity*> GetEntitiesWithLocalChanges(
size_t max_entries) const;
// Updates the tracker after receiving the commit response. |old_id| should be
// equal to |new_id| for all updates except the initial commit, where the
// temporary client-generated ID will be overriden by the server-provided
// final ID. In which case |sync_id_to_entities_map_| will be updated
// accordingly.
void UpdateUponCommitResponse(const std::string& old_id,
const std::string& new_id,
int64_t acked_sequence_number,
int64_t server_version);
// Informs the tracker that the sync id for an entity has changed. It updates
// the internal state of the tracker accordingly.
void UpdateSyncForLocalCreationIfNeeded(const std::string& old_id,
const std::string& new_id);
// Set the value of |EntityMetadata.acked_sequence_number| in the entity with
// |sync_id| to be equal to |EntityMetadata.sequence_number| such that it is
// not returned in GetEntitiesWithLocalChanges().
void AckSequenceNumber(const std::string& sync_id);
// Whether the tracker is empty or not.
bool IsEmpty() const;
// Returns the estimate of dynamically allocated memory in bytes.
size_t EstimateMemoryUsage() const;
// Returns number of tracked entities. Used only in test.
size_t TrackedEntitiesCountForTest() const;
// Returns number of tracked bookmarks that aren't deleted.
size_t TrackedBookmarksCountForDebugging() const;
// Returns number of bookmarks that have been deleted but the server hasn't
// confirmed the deletion yet.
size_t TrackedUncommittedTombstonesCountForDebugging() const;
// Checks whther all nodes in |bookmark_model| that *should* be tracked as per
// CanSyncNode() are tracked.
void CheckAllNodesTracked(
const bookmarks::BookmarkModel* bookmark_model) const;
// Reorders |entities| that represents local non-deletions such that parent
// creation/update is before child creation/update. Returns the ordered list.
std::vector<const Entity*> ReorderUnsyncedEntitiesExceptDeletions(
const std::vector<const Entity*>& entities) const;
// Recursive method that starting from |node| appends all corresponding
// entities with updates in top-down order to |ordered_entities|.
void TraverseAndAppend(const bookmarks::BookmarkNode* node,
std::vector<const SyncedBookmarkTracker::Entity*>*
ordered_entities) const;
// A map of sync server ids to sync entities. This should contain entries and
// metadata for almost everything.
std::map<std::string, std::unique_ptr<Entity>> sync_id_to_entities_map_;
// A map of bookmark nodes to sync entities. It's keyed by the bookmark node
// pointers which get assigned when loading the bookmark model. This map is
// first initialized in the constructor.
std::map<const bookmarks::BookmarkNode*, Entity*>
// A list of pending local bookmark deletions. They should be sent to the
// server in the same order as stored in the list. The same order should also
// be maintained across browser restarts (i.e. across calls to the ctor() and
// BuildBookmarkModelMetadata().
std::vector<Entity*> ordered_local_tombstones_;
// The model metadata (progress marker, initial sync done, etc).
std::unique_ptr<sync_pb::ModelTypeState> model_type_state_;
} // namespace sync_bookmarks