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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cc/tiles/eviction_tile_priority_queue.h"
namespace cc {
namespace {
class EvictionOrderComparator {
explicit EvictionOrderComparator(TreePriority tree_priority)
: tree_priority_(tree_priority) {}
bool operator()(const TilingSetEvictionQueue* a_queue,
const TilingSetEvictionQueue* b_queue) const {
// Note that in this function, we have to return true if and only if
// b is strictly lower priority than a.
const PrioritizedTile& a_tile = a_queue->Top();
const PrioritizedTile& b_tile = b_queue->Top();
const TilePriority& a_priority = a_tile.priority();
const TilePriority& b_priority = b_tile.priority();
bool prioritize_low_res = tree_priority_ == SMOOTHNESS_TAKES_PRIORITY;
// If the priority bin differs, b is lower priority if it has the higher
// priority bin.
if (a_priority.priority_bin != b_priority.priority_bin)
return b_priority.priority_bin > a_priority.priority_bin;
// Otherwise if the resolution differs, then the order will be determined by
// whether we prioritize low res or not.
// TODO(vmpstr): Remove this when TilePriority is no longer a member of Tile
// class but instead produced by the iterators.
if (b_priority.resolution != a_priority.resolution) {
// Non ideal resolution should be sorted higher than other resolutions.
if (a_priority.resolution == NON_IDEAL_RESOLUTION)
return false;
if (b_priority.resolution == NON_IDEAL_RESOLUTION)
return true;
if (prioritize_low_res)
return a_priority.resolution == LOW_RESOLUTION;
return a_priority.resolution == HIGH_RESOLUTION;
// Otherwise if the occlusion differs, b is lower priority if it is
// occluded.
bool a_is_occluded = a_tile.is_occluded();
bool b_is_occluded = b_tile.is_occluded();
if (a_is_occluded != b_is_occluded)
return b_is_occluded;
// b is lower priorty if it is farther from visible.
return b_priority.distance_to_visible > a_priority.distance_to_visible;
TreePriority tree_priority_;
void CreateTilingSetEvictionQueues(
const std::vector<PictureLayerImpl*>& layers,
TreePriority tree_priority,
ScopedPtrVector<TilingSetEvictionQueue>* queues) {
for (auto* layer : layers) {
scoped_ptr<TilingSetEvictionQueue> tiling_set_queue = make_scoped_ptr(
new TilingSetEvictionQueue(layer->picture_layer_tiling_set()));
// Queues will only contain non empty tiling sets.
if (!tiling_set_queue->IsEmpty())
} // namespace
EvictionTilePriorityQueue::EvictionTilePriorityQueue() {
EvictionTilePriorityQueue::~EvictionTilePriorityQueue() {
void EvictionTilePriorityQueue::Build(
const std::vector<PictureLayerImpl*>& active_layers,
const std::vector<PictureLayerImpl*>& pending_layers,
TreePriority tree_priority) {
tree_priority_ = tree_priority;
CreateTilingSetEvictionQueues(active_layers, tree_priority, &active_queues_);
CreateTilingSetEvictionQueues(pending_layers, tree_priority,
bool EvictionTilePriorityQueue::IsEmpty() const {
return active_queues_.empty() && pending_queues_.empty();
const PrioritizedTile& EvictionTilePriorityQueue::Top() const {
const ScopedPtrVector<TilingSetEvictionQueue>& next_queues = GetNextQueues();
return next_queues.front()->Top();
void EvictionTilePriorityQueue::Pop() {
ScopedPtrVector<TilingSetEvictionQueue>& next_queues = GetNextQueues();
TilingSetEvictionQueue* queue = next_queues.back();
// Remove empty queues.
if (queue->IsEmpty())
EvictionTilePriorityQueue::GetNextQueues() {
return const_cast<ScopedPtrVector<TilingSetEvictionQueue>&>(
static_cast<const EvictionTilePriorityQueue*>(this)->GetNextQueues());
const ScopedPtrVector<TilingSetEvictionQueue>&
EvictionTilePriorityQueue::GetNextQueues() const {
// If we only have one queue with tiles, return it.
if (active_queues_.empty())
return pending_queues_;
if (pending_queues_.empty())
return active_queues_;
const PrioritizedTile& active_tile = active_queues_.front()->Top();
const PrioritizedTile& pending_tile = pending_queues_.front()->Top();
const TilePriority& active_priority = active_tile.priority();
const TilePriority& pending_priority = pending_tile.priority();
// If the bins are the same and activation differs, then return the tree of
// the tile not required for activation.
if (active_priority.priority_bin == pending_priority.priority_bin &&
active_tile.tile()->required_for_activation() !=
pending_tile.tile()->required_for_activation()) {
return active_tile.tile()->required_for_activation() ? pending_queues_
: active_queues_;
// Return tile with a lower priority.
if (pending_priority.IsHigherPriorityThan(active_priority))
return active_queues_;
return pending_queues_;
} // namespace cc