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  1. blob/
  2. client_hints/
  3. device_memory/
  4. message_port/
  5. mime_util/
  6. origin_manifest/
  7. origin_trials/
  8. test/
  10. common_export.h
  11. DEPS
  12. OWNERS
  14. typemaps.gni

Blink ‘common’ directory

This directory contains the common Web Platform stuff that needs to be shared by renderer-side and browser-side code.

Things that live in third_party/WebKit/Source, or other renderer-side code and browser-side code (e.g. //content and //chrome) can depend on this directory, while anything in this directory should NOT depend on them. (See DEPS and files for more details)

Code in this directory would normally use blink namespace.

Unlike other directories in WebKit, code in this directory should:

  • Use Chromium‘s common types (e.g. //base ones) rather than Blink’s ones (e.g. WTF types)

  • Use style rather than CamelCase.cpp.

  • Follow Chromium's common coding style guide

  • Use full-path from src/ for includes (e.g. third_party/WebKit/common/foo.h rather than common/foo.h). Likewise, code outside this directory that includes files in this directory should use the full-path.