ozone/wayland: dnd: Propagate drag source down to platform drag handler

Ideally, drag source (mouse or touch) should be passed in to platform
drag handler, so that it may be used to determine how to properly
trigger the system drag and drop session, if needed. Under Wayland for
example, is might be used to get the correct serial value as well as to
check internal state before issuing wl_data_device.start_drag request,
which may fail otherwise. Such failures may be tricky to diagnose, as
there is no protocol mechanism to notify them, eg: error events.

This CL address it by modifying WmDragHandler.StartDrag() to include a
drag source parameter and adding the necessary bits to Wayland drag
controller to handle/validate serial and input state before starting the
dnd session.


Bug: 1211874, 1236653
Test: Covered by ozone_unittests.
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