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# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from gpu_tests.gpu_test_expectations import GpuTestExpectations
# See the GpuTestExpectations class for documentation.
class GpuProcessExpectations(GpuTestExpectations):
def SetExpectations(self):
# Accelerated 2D canvas is not available on Linux due to driver instability
self.Fail('GpuProcess_canvas2d', ['linux'], bug=254724)
self.Fail('GpuProcess_video', ['linux'], bug=257109)
# Chrome on Android doesn't support software fallback.
self.Skip('GpuProcess_no_gpu_process', ['android'], bug=643282)
self.Skip('GpuProcess_skip_gpu_process', ['android'], bug=(610951, 610023))
# Chrome on Windows creates a GPU process that uses SwiftShader when using
# either --disable-gpu or a blacklisted GPU.
self.Skip('GpuProcess_no_gpu_process', ['win', 'debug'], bug=630728)
self.Skip('GpuProcess_skip_gpu_process', ['win'], bug=630728)
# Currently SwiftShader's integrated only on Windows. Remove
# platforms from this suppression as it is integrated on more
# platforms.
['mac', 'linux', 'android', 'chromeos'], bug=630728)
# There is no Android multi-gpu configuration and the helper
# is not even called.
self.Skip('GpuProcess_identify_active_gpu1', ['android'])
self.Skip('GpuProcess_identify_active_gpu2', ['android'])
self.Skip('GpuProcess_identify_active_gpu3', ['android'])
self.Skip('GpuProcess_identify_active_gpu4', ['android'])
# There is currently no entry in kSoftwareRenderingListJson that enables
# a software GL driver on Android.
self.Skip('GpuProcess_software_gpu_process', ['android'])
# Seems to have become flaky on Windows recently.
self.Flaky('GpuProcess_only_one_workaround', ['win'], bug=700522)