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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <unordered_map>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <vector>
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "chrome/chrome_cleaner/os/file_path_sanitization.h"
namespace chrome_cleaner {
typedef std::unordered_set<base::FilePath, std::hash<base::FilePath>>
// Use this class to store sets of |FilePath|s to be searched. It takes care of
// properly comparing paths which may need to be converted to long paths.
class FilePathSet {
FilePathSet(const FilePathSet& file_path_set);
// Create a file path set from a list of string paths.
FilePathSet(std::initializer_list<const wchar_t*> path_list);
FilePathSet& operator=(const FilePathSet& file_path_set);
// Insert a |file_path| in |file_paths_| after proper conversion.
bool Insert(const base::FilePath& file_path);
// Return true if properly converted |file_path| is contained in
// |file_paths_|.
bool Contains(const base::FilePath& file_path) const;
// Similar to the std::set API.
void clear() { file_paths_.clear(); }
void erase(const base::FilePath& file_path) { file_paths_.erase(file_path); }
bool empty() const { return file_paths_.empty(); }
size_t size() const { return file_paths_.size(); }
bool operator==(const FilePathSet& other) const;
// Don't expose the insertion of iterated elements from any other type than
// |FilePathSet| so that we don't have to ensure the paths are canonical.
void CopyFrom(const FilePathSet& other) {
file_paths_.insert(other.file_paths_.begin(), other.file_paths_.end());
// Removes from |file_paths_| all files that don't exist.
void DiscardNonExistingFiles();
// Read only access to the content.
const UnorderedFilePathSet& file_paths() const { return file_paths_; }
// Returns all the paths in reverse order, so that the folder contents will
// come before the folder.
const std::vector<base::FilePath> ReverseSorted() const;
// Returns all paths in a vector.
const std::vector<base::FilePath> ToVector() const;
UnorderedFilePathSet file_paths_;
template <typename V>
class FilePathMap {
typedef std::unordered_map<base::FilePath, V, std::hash<base::FilePath>>
FilePathMap() = default;
FilePathMap(const FilePathMap&) = default;
~FilePathMap() = default;
bool Insert(const base::FilePath& path, const V& value) {
return file_path_map_.insert(std::make_pair(NormalizePath(path), value))
void CopyFrom(const FilePathMap& other) {
return file_path_map_.insert(other.file_path_map_.begin(),
V* Find(const base::FilePath& path) {
typename MapType::iterator it = file_path_map_.find(path);
if (it == file_path_map_.end())
it = file_path_map_.find(NormalizePath(path));
if (it == file_path_map_.end())
return nullptr;
return &(it->second);
const MapType& map() const { return file_path_map_; }
MapType file_path_map_;
} // namespace chrome_cleaner