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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vector>
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
namespace base {
class CommandLine;
class Time;
} // namespace base
namespace chrome_cleaner {
// This class wraps a scheduled task and expose an API to parametrize a task
// before calling |Register|, or to verify its existence, or delete it.
class TaskScheduler {
// The type of trigger to register for this task.
enum TriggerType {
// Only run once post-reboot.
// Run right now (mainly for tests).
// Run every hour.
// The log-on requirements for a task to be scheduled. Note that a task can
// have both the interactive and service bit set. In that case the
// interactive token will be used when available, and a stored password
// otherwise.
enum LogonType {
// Run the task with the user's interactive token when logged in.
// The task will run whether the user is logged in or not using either a
// user/password specified at registration time, a service account or a
// service for user (S4U).
// Vista and later only: the task is run as a service for user and as such
// will be on an invisible desktop.
LOGON_S4U = 1 << 2,
// Struct representing a single scheduled task action.
struct TaskExecAction {
base::FilePath application_path;
base::FilePath working_dir;
base::string16 arguments;
// Detailed description of a scheduled task. This type is returned by the
// GetTaskInfo() method.
struct TaskInfo {
TaskInfo(const TaskInfo&);
TaskInfo& operator=(const TaskInfo&);
TaskInfo& operator=(TaskInfo&&);
base::string16 name;
// Description (Vista and later) or comment (XP and earlier) of the task.
base::string16 description;
// On Windows Vista and later, a scheduled task can have more than one
// action associated with it and actions can be of types other than
// executables (for example, sending emails). This list however contains
// only the execution actions.
std::vector<TaskExecAction> exec_actions;
// The log-on requirements for the task's actions to be run. A bit mask with
// the mapping defined by LogonType.
uint32_t logon_type = 0;
// Control the lifespan of static data for the TaskScheduler. |Initialize|
// must be called before the first call to |CreateInstance|, and not other
// methods can be called after |Terminate| was called (unless |Initialize| is
// called again). |Initialize| can't be called out of balance with
// |Terminate|. |Terminate| can be called any number of times.
static bool Initialize();
static void Terminate();
// Instantiate the proper version based on the Windows version. Ownership is
// transfered to caller.
static TaskScheduler* CreateInstance();
virtual ~TaskScheduler() {}
// Set a delegate to be given when creating new instances of a mock
// TaskScheduler. Return to regular TaskScheduler when set to null. This is to
// allow using the same instance of a mock_delegate even though
// |CreateInstance| will always create a new instance to be owned by the
// caller.
static void SetMockDelegateForTesting(TaskScheduler* mock_delegate) {
mock_delegate_ = mock_delegate;
// Identify whether the task is registered or not.
virtual bool IsTaskRegistered(const wchar_t* task_name) = 0;
// Return the time of the next schedule run for the given task name. Return
// false on failure.
virtual bool GetNextTaskRunTime(const wchar_t* task_name,
base::Time* next_run_time) = 0;
// Delete the task if it exists. No-op if the task doesn't exist. Return false
// on failure to delete an existing task.
virtual bool DeleteTask(const wchar_t* task_name) = 0;
// Enable or disable task based on the value of |enabled|. Return true if the
// task exists and the operation succeeded.
virtual bool SetTaskEnabled(const wchar_t* task_name, bool enabled) = 0;
// Return true if task exists and is enabled.
virtual bool IsTaskEnabled(const wchar_t* task_name) = 0;
// List all currently registered scheduled tasks.
virtual bool GetTaskNameList(std::vector<base::string16>* task_names) = 0;
// Return detailed information about a task. Return true if no errors were
// encountered. On error, the struct is left unmodified.
virtual bool GetTaskInfo(const wchar_t* task_name, TaskInfo* info) = 0;
// Register the task to run the specified application and using the given
// |trigger_type|.
virtual bool RegisterTask(const wchar_t* task_name,
const wchar_t* task_description,
const base::CommandLine& run_command,
TriggerType trigger_type,
bool hidden) = 0;
static TaskScheduler* mock_delegate_;
} // namespace chrome_cleaner