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  8. simple_browser_service.h
  10. window.h

This directory contains an implementation of a simple Content Service client application which serves as a tool for manual developer testing of the Content Service, a straightforward example browser application consuming the Content Service, and potentially as a target for driving automated Content Service integration tests.

The simple_browser application can run in an isolated sandboxed process on platforms which support the UI Service (currently only Chrome OS), or within the browser process on platforms which otherwise support NavigableContentsView embedding (currently Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, and Windows).

To play around with simple_browser today, run a DCHECK-enabled build of Chrome with --launch-in-process-simple-browser on any supported platform listed above.

To test the sandboxed, out-of-process version, use a DCHECK-enabled Chrome OS build and run with both --enable-features=Mash and --launch-simple-browser flags.