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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <set>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <vector>
#include "ui/accessibility/ax_export.h"
namespace ui {
class AXTree;
class AXNode;
// This helper class computes info about tables and grids in AXTrees.
class AX_EXPORT AXTableInfo {
struct CellData {
AXNode* cell;
int32_t cell_id;
int32_t col_index;
int32_t row_index;
int32_t col_span;
int32_t row_span;
int32_t aria_col_index;
int32_t aria_row_index;
// Returns nullptr if the node is not a valid table or grid node.
static AXTableInfo* Create(AXTree* tree, AXNode* table_node);
// Called automatically on Create(), but must be called again any time
// the table is invalidated. Returns true if this is still a table.
bool Update();
// Whether the data is valid. Whenever the tree is updated in any way,
// every AXTableInfo is invalidated and needs to be recomputed, just
// to be safe.
bool valid() const { return valid_; }
void Invalidate();
// The real row count, guaranteed to be at least as large as the
// maximum row index of any cell.
int32_t row_count = 0;
// The real column count, guaranteed to be at least as large as the
// maximum column index of any cell.
int32_t col_count = 0;
// List of column header nodes IDs for each column index.
std::vector<std::vector<int32_t>> col_headers;
// List of row header node IDs for each row index.
std::vector<std::vector<int32_t>> row_headers;
// All header cells.
std::vector<int32_t> all_headers;
// 2-D array of [row][column] -> cell node ID.
// This may contain duplicates if there is a rowspan or
// colspan. The entry is empty (zero) only if the cell
// really is missing from the table.
std::vector<std::vector<int32_t>> cell_ids;
// Array of cell data for every unique cell in the table.
std::vector<CellData> cell_data_vector;
// Set of all unique cell node IDs in the table.
std::vector<int32_t> unique_cell_ids;
// Extra computed nodes for the accessibility tree for macOS:
// one column node for each table column, followed by one
// table header container node.
std::vector<AXNode*> extra_mac_nodes;
// Map from each cell's node ID to its index in unique_cell_ids.
std::unordered_map<int32_t, int32_t> cell_id_to_index;
// Map from each row's node ID to its row index.
std::unordered_map<int32_t, int32_t> row_id_to_index;
// The ARIA row count and column count, if any ARIA table or grid
// attributes are used in the table at all.
int32_t aria_row_count = 0;
int32_t aria_col_count = 0;
AXTableInfo(AXTree* tree, AXNode* table_node);
void ClearVectors();
void BuildCellDataVectorFromRowAndCellNodes(
const std::vector<AXNode*>& row_nodes,
const std::vector<std::vector<AXNode*>>& cell_nodes_per_row);
void BuildCellAndHeaderVectorsFromCellData();
void UpdateExtraMacNodes();
void ClearExtraMacNodes();
AXNode* CreateExtraMacColumnNode(int col_index);
AXNode* CreateExtraMacTableHeaderNode();
void UpdateExtraMacColumnNodeAttributes(int col_index);
AXTree* tree_ = nullptr;
AXNode* table_node_ = nullptr;
bool valid_ = false;
} // namespace ui