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// Copyright (c) 2006-2008 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <windows.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "third_party/npapi/bindings/npapi.h"
// Individual plugin details
struct PluginDetail {
// List of mime types supported by the plugin.
std::vector<std::string> mime_types;
// The URL where the plugin can be downloaded from.
std::string download_url;
// The display name for the plugin.
std::wstring display_name;
// Language of the plugin installer. (en-us, etc).
std::string language;
// Indicates if the download URL points to an exe or to a URL which
// needs to be displayed in a tab.
bool download_url_for_display;
typedef std::vector<PluginDetail> PluginList;
class PluginInstallerImpl;
struct _xmlNode;
// This class handles download of the plugins database file from the plugin
// finder URL passed in. It also provides functionality to parse the plugins
// file and to locate the desired plugin mime type in the parsed plugin list.
// The format of the plugins databse file is as below:-
// <plugins>
// <plugin>
// <mime_types> </mime_types> (semicolon separated list of mime types
// supported by the plugin)
// <lang> </lang> (Supported language)
// <url> </url> (Link to the plugin installer)
// <displayurl> 0 </displayurl> (Indicates if the URL is a display URL.
// defaults to 0.
// </plugin>
// <plugin>
// </plugins>
class PluginDatabaseHandler {
// plugin_installer_instance is a reference maintained to the current
// PluginInstallerImpl instance.
explicit PluginDatabaseHandler(
PluginInstallerImpl& plugin_installer_instance);
virtual ~PluginDatabaseHandler();
// Downloads the plugins database file if needed.
// Parameters:
// plugin_finder_url
// Specifies the http/https location of the chrome plugin finder.
// Returns true on success.
bool DownloadPluginsFileIfNeeded(const std::string& plugin_finder_url);
// Writes data to the plugins database file.
// Parameters:
// stream
// Pointer to the current stream.
// offset
// Indicates the data offset.
// buffer_length
// Specifies the length of the data buffer.
// buffer
// Pointer to the actual buffer.
// Returns the number of bytes actually written, 0 on error.
int32 Write(NPStream* stream, int32 offset, int32 buffer_length,
void* buffer);
const std::wstring& plugins_file() const {
return plugins_file_;
// Parses the XML file containing the list of available third-party
// plugins and adds them to a list.
// Returns true on success
bool ParsePluginList();
// Returns the plugin details for the third party plugin mime type passed in.
// Parameters:
// mime_type
// Specifies the mime type of the desired third party plugin.
// language
// Specifies the desired plugin language.
// download_url
// Output parameter which contans the plugin download URL on success.
// display_name
// Output parameter which contains the display name of the plugin on
// success.
// download_url_for_display
// Output parameter which indicates if the plugin URL points to an exe
// or not.
// Returns true if the plugin details were found.
bool GetPluginDetailsForMimeType(const char* mime_type,
const char* language,
std::string* download_url,
std::wstring* display_name,
bool* download_url_for_display);
// Closes the handle to the plugin database file.
// Parameters:
// delete_file
// Indicates if the plugin database file should be deleted.
void Close(bool delete_file);
// Reads plugin information off an individual XML node.
// Parameters:
// plugin_node
// Pointer to the plugin XML node.
// plugin_detail
// Output parameter which contains the details of the plugin on success.
// Returns true on success.
bool ReadPluginInfo(_xmlNode* plugin_node, PluginDetail* plugin_detail);
// Contains the full path of the downloaded plugins file containing
// information about available third party plugin downloads.
std::wstring plugins_file_;
// Handle to the downloaded plugins file.
HANDLE plugin_downloads_file_;
// List of downloaded plugins. This is generated the first time the
// plugins file is downloaded and parsed. Each item in the list is
// of the type PluginDetail, and contains information about the third
// party plugin like it's mime type, download link, etc.
PluginList downloaded_plugins_list_;
// We maintain a reference to the PluginInstallerImpl instance to be able
// to achieve plugin installer state changes and to notify the instance
// about download completions.
PluginInstallerImpl& plugin_installer_instance_;
// The plugin finder url
std::string plugin_finder_url_;
// Set if the current instance should ignore plugin data. This is required
// if multiple null plugin instances attempt to download the plugin
// database. In this case the first instance to create the plugins database
// file locally writes to the file. The remaining instances ignore the
// downloaded data.
bool ignore_plugin_db_data_;