Roll src/third_party/dav1d/libdav1d/ 86ce4a3c5..ace3855a6 (12 commits)

$ git log 86ce4a3c5..ace3855a6 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-03-11 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: remove unused macro arg in SSSE3 cdef_dir
2019-03-11 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: fix number of xmm used in sgr_calc_ab1_ssse3
2019-03-08 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: optimize SSSE3 sgr_calc_ab{1,2}
2019-03-08 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: optimize AVX2 cdef_dir
2019-03-11 jb Update
2019-03-09 janne-vlc build: add "api" to api/soname related versions
2019-03-09 jb Update NEWS for 0.2.1
2019-03-05 janne-vlc let dav1d_version() return the project version
2019-03-04 victorien.lecouviour.tuffet x86: add SSSE3 cdef dir implementation
2019-02-27 martin arm: looprestoration: Simplify a few padding cases in wiener_filter_h_neon
2019-03-06 kylesiefring Use some 8 bit arithmetic in AVX2 CDEF filter
2019-02-24 martin arm: looprestoration: Remove unnecessary includes

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