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Name: libvpx
Version: v1.5.0
License: BSD
License File: source/libvpx/LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
Date: Friday May 27 2016
Branch: master
Commit: f80d8011a0141a28d8e4a02720483bb6bcb09c6b
Contains the sources used to compile libvpx binaries used by Google Chrome and
The libvpx source is from
Please follow these steps to update libvpx source code:
1. Update the code: \
-r <libvpx OWNER> \
--log-limit 20 \
--roll-to <libvpx hash> \
Use the generated commit message for the roll.
2. Generate .gypi, .gni and config files.
cd third_party/libvpx
3. Update README.chromium with Date, Branch, and Commit.
Tools needed to build libvpx:
Generate config and .gypi files that contain the source list for each platform.
Configuration for the build is taken from vpx_config.h for each platform.
A tool to verify vpx_config.h and vpx_config.asm are matched. This also
prints the final configuration after checking.