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Rules for commits on the libxslt module
If what you are fixing is a compilation issue either at compile
time or linking time on one of the main Linux platforms, then feel free
to patch first and send mail afterward, as long as it's a 'small fix'.
Otherwise, only Bjorn Reese (,
"William M. Brack" <>, Igor Zlatkovic
<> and me (
should commit there. John Fleck also have commit rights for the doc
subdir. Send a mail and if it's a bug issue, provide a test case and
register it at in the libxslt module.
I check both my mail and the bug database on a very regular basis.
if you don't get an answer within a week (which is highly unprobable)
then commit your changes. This simply mean that I am on holliday or
on the road and the other maintainers are busy too.
thanks in advance for following the rule,