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git log cb42fc0dc56f..9716603f9736 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-01-11 Update skia docs to stop referring to NeedsManualRebaseline
2019-01-11 Hack up SkShaper to pass additional callback info
2019-01-11 Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).
2019-01-11 fixed SPIR-V decoration
2019-01-11 Revert "Add target SkColorSpace to SkImage_GpuYUVA."
2019-01-11 Reduce reliance on the SkImage_Gpu's GrContext pointer
2019-01-11 Omit another gm for IntelIris655 vk.
2019-01-11 Add target SkColorSpace to SkImage_GpuYUVA.
2019-01-11 Roll third_party/externals/angle2 18af9a5a50c6..92ee1f9f3032 (1 commits)
2019-01-11 Fixed GPU perlin noise shaders under rotation.

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