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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<if expr="is_android">
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_DEFAULT_ERROR" desc="Text label that is shown when autofill assistant cannot help anymore, because something went wrong.">
Something went wrong. You can finish your order on the website.
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_GIVE_UP" desc="Text label that is shown when autofill assistant cannot help anymore, because of a user action." formatter_data="android_java">
I cannot help anymore, please continue on your own.
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_MAYBE_GIVE_UP" desc="Text label shown next to an UNDO button when user action indicate they want to continue on their own." formatter_data="android_java">
Continue manually?
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_LOADING" desc="Text label that is shown during the loading of the first page, right after being triggered.">
Opening <ph name="SITE_NAME">$1<ex></ex></ph>
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_PAYMENT_INFO_CONFIRM" desc="Text on the payment request primary button to confirm payment information [CHAR-LIMIT=32]" formatter_data="android_java">
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_TERMS" desc="The text for the terms and service acceptance checkbox. Sentence-cased." formatter_data="android_java">
I know the terms &amp; conditions, privacy policy and right of withdrawal of <ph name="BEGIN_BOLD">&lt;b&gt;</ph><ph name="ORIGIN">%1$s<ex></ex></ph><ph name="END_BOLD">&lt;/b&gt;</ph> (leave unchecked to read).
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_TERMS_TITLE" desc="The title for the terms and service checkbox." formatter_data="android_java">
Terms &amp; Conditions
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_DETAILS_DIFFER" desc="Shown as Status Message when details differ." formatter_data="android_java">
The screening is different from what you selected. Continue?
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_DETAILS_DIFFER_GO_BACK" desc="Shown on a button allowing going back when details differ." formatter_data="android_java">
Go back
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_FIRST_RUN_ACCESSIBILITY" desc="Accessibility description of Autofill Assistant first run screen is shown." formatter_data="android_java">
Autofill assistant first run screen is shown
<message name="IDS_AUTOFILL_ASSISTANT_AVAILABLE_ACCESSIBILITY" desc="Accessibility description of Autofill Assistant is available." formatter_data="android_java">
Autofill assistant is available near bottom of the screen