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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include "base/time/time.h"
namespace offline_pages {
static const size_t kUnlimitedPages = 0;
// The struct describing the lifetime policy of offline pages.
// The following behaviors are controlled by policy:
// a. Persistency of the offline page.
// b. Expiration time of an offline page
// c. Limit of number of pages offline.
struct LifetimePolicy {
// Type of the client, indicating where the archived page would be saved
// and whether it could be kept indefinitely.
enum class LifetimeType {
// Type of the page generated by the client.
LifetimeType lifetime_type;
// The time after which the page expires.
// A TimeDelta of 0 means no expiration.
base::TimeDelta expiration_period;
// The maximum number of pages allowed to be saved by the namespace.
// kUnlimitedPages (defined above) means no limit set.
size_t page_limit;
LifetimePolicy(LifetimeType init_lifetime_type, size_t init_page_limit)
: lifetime_type(init_lifetime_type),
page_limit(init_page_limit) {}
// The struct describing feature set of the offline pages.
struct FeaturePolicy {
// Whether pages are shown in download ui.
bool is_supported_by_download;
// Whether a download was initiated in response to user action.
bool is_user_requested_download;
// Whether pages are shown in recent tabs ui.
bool is_supported_by_recent_tabs;
// Whether pages can only be viewed in a specific tab. Pages controlled by
// this policy must have their ClientId::id field set to their assigned tab's
// id.
bool is_restricted_to_tab_from_client_id;
// Whether pages are removed on user-initiated cache reset. Defaults to true.
bool is_removed_on_cache_reset;
// Whether the namespace should be disabled if prefetching-related preferences
// are disabled.
bool disabled_when_prefetch_disabled;
// Whether the pages originated from suggestions by zine or elsewhere.
bool is_suggested;
// whether we should allow pages to trigger downloads.
bool should_allow_download;
: is_supported_by_download(false),
should_allow_download(false) {}
// The struct describing policies for various namespaces (Bookmark, Last-N etc.)
// used by offline page model. The name_space is supposed to be key, so that
// it's sufficient to compare name_space only when doing comparisons.
struct OfflinePageClientPolicy {
// Namespace to which the policy applied.
std::string name_space;
// Policy to control the lifetime of a page generated by this namespace.
LifetimePolicy lifetime_policy;
// How many pages for the same online URL can be stored at any time.
// kUnlimitedPages means there's no limit.
size_t pages_allowed_per_url;
FeaturePolicy feature_policy;
// Whether background fetches are deferred while the active tab matches the
// SavePageRequestURL.
bool defer_background_fetch_while_page_is_active = false;
OfflinePageClientPolicy(std::string namespace_val,
LifetimePolicy lifetime_policy_val,
size_t pages_allowed_per_url_val,
FeaturePolicy feature_policy_val)
: name_space(namespace_val),
OfflinePageClientPolicy(std::string namespace_val,
LifetimePolicy lifetime_policy_val,
size_t pages_allowed_per_url_val)
: OfflinePageClientPolicy(namespace_val,
FeaturePolicy()) {}
class OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder {
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder(const std::string& name_space,
LifetimePolicy::LifetimeType lifetime_type,
size_t page_limit,
size_t pages_allowed_per_url)
: policy_(
LifetimePolicy(lifetime_type, page_limit),
pages_allowed_per_url)) {}
~OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder() {}
// Calling build does not reset the object inside.
const OfflinePageClientPolicy Build() const { return policy_; }
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetExpirePeriod(
const base::TimeDelta& expire_period) {
policy_.lifetime_policy.expiration_period = expire_period;
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetIsSupportedByDownload(
const bool is_downloaded) {
policy_.feature_policy.is_supported_by_download = is_downloaded;
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetIsUserRequestedDownload(
const bool is_user_requested_download) {
policy_.feature_policy.is_user_requested_download =
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetIsSupportedByRecentTabs(
const bool is_recent_tabs) {
policy_.feature_policy.is_supported_by_recent_tabs = is_recent_tabs;
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetIsRemovedOnCacheReset(
const bool removed_on_cache_reset) {
policy_.feature_policy.is_removed_on_cache_reset = removed_on_cache_reset;
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetIsRestrictedToTabFromClientId(
const bool is_restricted_to_tab_from_client_id) {
policy_.feature_policy.is_restricted_to_tab_from_client_id =
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetIsDisabledWhenPrefetchDisabled(
const bool disabled_when_prefetch_disabled) {
policy_.feature_policy.disabled_when_prefetch_disabled =
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetIsSuggested(const bool is_suggested) {
policy_.feature_policy.is_suggested = is_suggested;
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetShouldAllowDownload(
const bool should_allow_download) {
policy_.feature_policy.should_allow_download = should_allow_download;
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicyBuilder& SetDeferBackgroundFetchWhilePageIsActive(
bool defer) {
policy_.defer_background_fetch_while_page_is_active = defer;
return *this;
OfflinePageClientPolicy policy_;
} // namespace offline_pages