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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
// This file contains common types and callbacks used by storage of various
// offline page related components.
namespace offline_pages {
// Current store state. When LOADED, the store is operational. When
// loading or reset fails, it is reflected appropriately.
enum class StoreState {
NOT_LOADED, // Store is not loaded yet.
LOADED, // Store is properly loaded and operational.
FAILED_LOADING, // Store initialization failed.
FAILED_RESET, // Resetting the store failed.
INITIALIZING, // Store is in the process of initializing.
// Statuses referring to actions taken on items in the stores.
// GENERATED_JAVA_ENUM_PACKAGE:org.chromium.components.offlinepages
enum class ItemActionStatus {
// Result for synchronous operations (like database and file operations) that
// are part of the tasks used by Offline Pages.
// Keep it in sync with OfflinePagesSyncOperationResult in enums.xml for
// histograms usages.
enum class SyncOperationResult {
SUCCESS, // Successful operation
INVALID_DB_CONNECTION, // Invalid database connection
TRANSACTION_BEGIN_ERROR, // Failed when start a DB transaction
TRANSACTION_COMMIT_ERROR, // Failed when commiting a DB transaction
DB_OPERATION_ERROR, // Failed when executing a DB statement
FILE_OPERATION_ERROR, // Failed while doing file operations
// List of item action statuses mapped to item ID.
typedef std::vector<std::pair<int64_t, ItemActionStatus>> MultipleItemStatuses;
// Collective result for store update.
template <typename T>
class StoreUpdateResult {
explicit StoreUpdateResult(StoreState state) : store_state(state) {}
~StoreUpdateResult() {}
// Move-only to avoid accidental copies.
StoreUpdateResult(const StoreUpdateResult& other) = delete;
StoreUpdateResult(StoreUpdateResult&& other) = default;
StoreUpdateResult& operator=(const StoreUpdateResult&) = delete;
StoreUpdateResult& operator=(StoreUpdateResult&&) = default;
// List of Offline ID to item action status mappings.
// It is meant to be consumed by the original caller of the operation.
MultipleItemStatuses item_statuses;
// List of successfully updated offline page items as seen after operation
// concludes. It is meant to be used when passing to the observers.
std::vector<T> updated_items;
// State of the store after the operation is done.
StoreState store_state;
// This enum is backed by a UMA histogram therefore its entries should not be
// deleted or re-ordered and new ones should only be appended.
// See enum definition with the same name in tools/metrics/histograms/enum.xml.
enum class OfflinePagesStoreEvent {
kOpenedFirstTime = 0,
kReopened = 1,
kClosed = 2,
kCloseSkipped = 3,
kMaxValue = kCloseSkipped,
} // namespace offline_pages