[LayoutNG] Change static position of inline abpos to flow relative

This patch:
1. Fixes out-of-flow static position to be flow relative,
   from line-relative.
2. Fixes bidi-reordering orders out-of-flow objects

The first fix has been a bug since the beginning, but most
RTL out-of-flow tests pass due to the second problem.

The second problem was introduced when we stopped inserting
an Object Replacement Character for out-of-flow, because it
creates a break opportunity but all 4 impls do not create
a break opportunity for out-of-flow. It wasn't a good idea
because bidi algorithm cannot resolve embedding levels
without a character that represents.

This fix will change break opportunities around out-of-flow
objects. We can fix it in NGLineBreaker if this turns out
to be a problem.

Bug: 848496
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