Make table columns stop using `LayoutBox::SetLogical{Width,Height}`

Table columns and column groups don't need to be laid out, but they
have associated `LayoutBox` objects, and they have a size that can be
queried with `col.offset{Height,Width}`. This is achieved without
laying them out by calling `LayoutBox::SetLogical{Width,Height}`.
These methods, however, are being removed as part of the NoCopyBack

This change instead makes `LayoutNGTableColumn` override
`LayoutBox::Size` to provide a size that can be set through methods
defined in `LayoutNGTableColumn`, independent of `LayoutBox`. The
change also makes `col.offset{Top,Left}` work (by overriding
`LayoutBox::Location`) and makes sure that "out of bounds" columns and
colgroups (that is, columns and colgroup boxes which don't correspond
to any actual column in the table) have offset values that make sense.

Bug: 1371882
Change-Id: I3dae24122479730af1841f09405a4d33694f1972
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