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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "net/third_party/quic/core/quic_session.h"
#include "third_party/blink/renderer/modules/modules_export.h"
#include "third_party/blink/renderer/modules/peerconnection/adapters/p2p_quic_stream.h"
namespace blink {
class MODULES_EXPORT P2PQuicStreamImpl final : public quic::QuicStream,
public P2PQuicStream {
P2PQuicStreamImpl(quic::QuicStreamId id,
quic::QuicSession* session,
uint32_t delegate_read_buffer_size,
uint32_t write_buffer_size);
P2PQuicStreamImpl(quic::PendingStream pending,
quic::QuicSession* session,
uint32_t delegate_read_buffer_size,
uint32_t write_buffer_size);
~P2PQuicStreamImpl() override;
// P2PQuicStream overrides
void SetDelegate(P2PQuicStream::Delegate* delegate) override;
void Reset() override;
void WriteData(Vector<uint8_t> data, bool fin) override;
void MarkReceivedDataConsumed(uint32_t amount) override;
// For testing purposes. This is returns true after quic::QuicStream::OnClose
bool IsClosedForTesting();
// For testing purposes. This exposes the amount of received data that the
// P2PQuicStream is aware is buffered by the delegate.
uint32_t DelegateReadBufferedAmountForTesting();
// quic::QuicStream overrides.
// Right now this marks the data as consumed and drops it.
// TODO( We need to update this function for
// reading and consuming data properly while the main JavaScript thread is
// busy. See:
void OnDataAvailable() override;
// Called by the quic::QuicSession when receiving a RST_STREAM frame from the
// remote side. This closes the stream for reading & writing (if not already
// closed), and sends a RST_STREAM frame if one has not been sent yet.
void OnStreamReset(const quic::QuicRstStreamFrame& frame) override;
// Called by the quic::QuicSession. This means the stream is closed for
// reading
// and writing, and can now be deleted by the quic::QuicSession.
void OnClose() override;
// quic::QuicStream overrides.
// Called when written data (from WriteData()) is consumed by QUIC. This means
// the data has either been sent across the wire, or it has been turned into a
// packet and queued if the socket is unexpectedly blocked.
void OnStreamDataConsumed(size_t bytes_consumed) override;
using quic::QuicStream::Reset;
// Must either outlive the P2PQuicStream or unset itself upon destruction.
Delegate* delegate_;
// The read buffer size of the delegate. The |delegate_read_buffered_amount_|
// must never exceed this value (enforced by the P2PQuicStreamImpl).
const uint32_t delegate_read_buffer_size_;
// The maximum size allowed to be buffered write side. The
// |write_buffered_amount_| must never exceed this value, and it is up
// to the delegate to enforce this.
const uint32_t write_buffer_size_;
// How much total data has been received and given to the delegate,
// but not yet consumed by the delegate. This value gets increased when data
// is received from the QUIC library in OnDataAvailable() and and decreased
// when the delegate updates that data has been read with
// MarkReceivedDataConsumed().
uint32_t delegate_read_buffered_amount_ = 0;
// How much data is buffered by the QUIC library, but has not yet
// been sent. This value gets increased when WriteData() is called
// and decreased when OnDataConsumed() gets called by the QUIC library,
// due to the data being sent.
uint32_t write_buffered_amount_ = 0;
// Set after OnClose gets called.
bool closed_ = false;
// This is set after the sequencer is closed due to the P2PQuicStream
// consuming all of the sequencer's data up to the FIN bit.
bool consumed_fin_ = false;
} // namespace blink