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CONSOLE WARNING: line 151: 'window.webkitStorageInfo' is deprecated. Please use 'navigator.webkitTemporaryStorage' or 'navigator.webkitPersistentStorage' instead.
Tests property access on a cached DOMWindow after the associated frame is no longer in a web page. Test should not crash and properties should be set to sane defaults.
On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
PASS childWindow.appHistory.canGoBack is false
PASS childWindow.appHistory.canGoForward is false
PASS childWindow.appHistory.current is null
PASS childWindow.appHistory.oncurrentchange is null
PASS childWindow.appHistory.onnavigate is null
PASS childWindow.appHistory.onnavigateerror is null
PASS childWindow.appHistory.onnavigatesuccess is null
PASS childWindow.appHistory.transition is null
PASS childWindow.closed is true
PASS childWindow.crossOriginIsolated is false
PASS childWindow.defaultStatus is ''
PASS childWindow.defaultstatus is ''
PASS childWindow.devicePixelRatio is 0
PASS childWindow.innerHeight is 0
PASS childWindow.innerWidth is 0
PASS childWindow.isSecureContext is false
PASS childWindow.length is 0
FAIL childWindow.location.href should be about:blank (of type string). Was undefined (of type undefined).
PASS childWindow.locationbar.visible is false
PASS childWindow.menubar.visible is false
PASS is ''
PASS childWindow.navigator.appCodeName is window.navigator.appCodeName
PASS childWindow.navigator.appName is window.navigator.appName
PASS childWindow.navigator.appVersion is ''
PASS childWindow.navigator.cookieEnabled is false
PASS childWindow.navigator.doNotTrack is null
PASS childWindow.navigator.hardwareConcurrency is window.navigator.hardwareConcurrency
PASS childWindow.navigator.language is window.navigator.language
PASS childWindow.navigator.maxTouchPoints is 0
PASS childWindow.navigator.onLine is window.navigator.onLine
PASS childWindow.navigator.pdfViewerEnabled is false
PASS childWindow.navigator.platform is window.navigator.platform
PASS childWindow.navigator.product is window.navigator.product
PASS childWindow.navigator.productSub is window.navigator.productSub
PASS childWindow.navigator.userActivation.hasBeenActive is false
PASS childWindow.navigator.userActivation.isActive is false
PASS childWindow.navigator.userAgent is ''
PASS childWindow.navigator.vendor is window.navigator.vendor
PASS childWindow.navigator.vendorSub is ''
PASS childWindow.navigator.webdriver is false
PASS childWindow.onabort is null
PASS childWindow.onafterprint is null
PASS childWindow.onanimationend is null
PASS childWindow.onanimationiteration is null
PASS childWindow.onanimationstart is null
PASS childWindow.onappinstalled is null
PASS childWindow.onauxclick is null
PASS childWindow.onbeforeinstallprompt is null
PASS childWindow.onbeforeprint is null
PASS childWindow.onbeforeunload is null
PASS childWindow.onbeforexrselect is null
PASS childWindow.onblur is null
PASS childWindow.oncancel is null
PASS childWindow.oncanplay is null
PASS childWindow.oncanplaythrough is null
PASS childWindow.onchange is null
PASS childWindow.onclick is null
PASS childWindow.onclose is null
PASS childWindow.oncontextmenu is null
PASS childWindow.oncuechange is null
PASS childWindow.ondblclick is null
PASS childWindow.ondevicemotion is null
PASS childWindow.ondeviceorientation is null
PASS childWindow.ondeviceorientationabsolute is null
PASS childWindow.ondrag is null
PASS childWindow.ondragend is null
PASS childWindow.ondragenter is null
PASS childWindow.ondragleave is null
PASS childWindow.ondragover is null
PASS childWindow.ondragstart is null
PASS childWindow.ondrop is null
PASS childWindow.ondurationchange is null
PASS childWindow.onemptied is null
PASS childWindow.onended is null
PASS childWindow.onerror is null
PASS childWindow.onfocus is null
PASS childWindow.onformdata is null
PASS childWindow.ongotpointercapture is null
PASS childWindow.onhashchange is null
PASS childWindow.oninput is null
PASS childWindow.oninvalid is null
PASS childWindow.onkeydown is null
PASS childWindow.onkeypress is null
PASS childWindow.onkeyup is null
PASS childWindow.onlanguagechange is null
PASS childWindow.onload is null
PASS childWindow.onloadeddata is null
PASS childWindow.onloadedmetadata is null
PASS childWindow.onloadstart is null
PASS childWindow.onlostpointercapture is null
PASS childWindow.onmessage is null
PASS childWindow.onmessageerror is null
PASS childWindow.onmousedown is null
PASS childWindow.onmouseenter is null
PASS childWindow.onmouseleave is null
PASS childWindow.onmousemove is null
PASS childWindow.onmouseout is null
PASS childWindow.onmouseover is null
PASS childWindow.onmouseup is null
PASS childWindow.onmousewheel is null
PASS childWindow.onoffline is null
PASS childWindow.ononline is null
PASS childWindow.onoverscroll is null
PASS childWindow.onpagehide is null
PASS childWindow.onpageshow is null
PASS childWindow.onpause is null
PASS childWindow.onplay is null
PASS childWindow.onplaying is null
PASS childWindow.onpointercancel is null
PASS childWindow.onpointerdown is null
PASS childWindow.onpointerenter is null
PASS childWindow.onpointerleave is null
PASS childWindow.onpointermove is null
PASS childWindow.onpointerout is null
PASS childWindow.onpointerover is null
PASS childWindow.onpointerrawupdate is null
PASS childWindow.onpointerup is null
PASS childWindow.onpopstate is null
PASS childWindow.onprogress is null
PASS childWindow.onratechange is null
PASS childWindow.onrejectionhandled is null
PASS childWindow.onreset is null
PASS childWindow.onresize is null
PASS childWindow.onscroll is null
PASS childWindow.onscrollend is null
PASS childWindow.onsearch is null
PASS childWindow.onseeked is null
PASS childWindow.onseeking is null
PASS childWindow.onselect is null
PASS childWindow.onselectionchange is null
PASS childWindow.onselectstart is null
PASS childWindow.onslotchange is null
PASS childWindow.onstalled is null
PASS childWindow.onstorage is null
PASS childWindow.onsubmit is null
PASS childWindow.onsuspend is null
PASS childWindow.ontimeupdate is null
PASS childWindow.ontimezonechange is null
PASS childWindow.ontoggle is null
PASS childWindow.ontouchcancel is null
PASS childWindow.ontouchend is null
PASS childWindow.ontouchmove is null
PASS childWindow.ontouchstart is null
PASS childWindow.ontransitioncancel is null
PASS childWindow.ontransitionend is null
PASS childWindow.ontransitionrun is null
PASS childWindow.ontransitionstart is null
PASS childWindow.onunhandledrejection is null
PASS childWindow.onunload is null
PASS childWindow.onvolumechange is null
PASS childWindow.onwaiting is null
PASS childWindow.onwebkitanimationend is null
PASS childWindow.onwebkitanimationiteration is null
PASS childWindow.onwebkitanimationstart is null
PASS childWindow.onwebkittransitionend is null
PASS childWindow.onwheel is null
PASS childWindow.opener is null
PASS childWindow.origin is 'file://'
PASS childWindow.originAgentCluster is false
PASS childWindow.outerHeight is 0
PASS childWindow.outerWidth is 0
PASS childWindow.pageXOffset is 0
PASS childWindow.pageYOffset is 0
PASS childWindow.performance.onresourcetimingbufferfull is null
PASS childWindow.personalbar.visible is false
PASS childWindow.screen.availHeight is 0
PASS childWindow.screen.availLeft is 0
PASS childWindow.screen.availTop is 0
PASS childWindow.screen.availWidth is 0
PASS childWindow.screen.colorDepth is 0
PASS childWindow.screen.height is 0
PASS childWindow.screen.pixelDepth is 0
PASS childWindow.screen.width is 0
PASS childWindow.screenLeft is 0
PASS childWindow.screenTop is 0
PASS childWindow.screenX is 0
PASS childWindow.screenY is 0
PASS childWindow.scrollX is 0
PASS childWindow.scrollY is 0
PASS childWindow.scrollbars.visible is false
PASS childWindow.speechSynthesis.onvoiceschanged is null
PASS childWindow.speechSynthesis.paused is false
PASS childWindow.speechSynthesis.pending is false
PASS childWindow.speechSynthesis.speaking is false
PASS childWindow.status is ''
PASS childWindow.statusbar.visible is false
PASS childWindow.styleMedia.type is ''
PASS childWindow.toolbar.visible is false
PASS childWindow.trustedTypes.defaultPolicy is null
PASS childWindow.trustedTypes.onbeforecreatepolicy is null
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.height is 0
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.offsetLeft is 0
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.offsetTop is 0
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.onresize is null
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.onscroll is null
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.pageLeft is 0
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.pageTop is 0
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.scale is 0
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.segments is null
PASS childWindow.visualViewport.width is 0
PASS successfullyParsed is true